Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Video Review

Garmin Vivofit fitness band

Check out this video review for the Garmin Vivofit fitness activity tracker:

Check Amazon’s current price for the Garmin Vivofit (It’s changed since this video was made.)

The Garmin Vivofit is a popular fitness tracker that differentiates itself from some of its activity monitor competitors by offering an LCD screen– something most similar devices don’t have. The monitor displays the number of steps you’ve taken over the day, the number of steps left to reach your user-set goal (customized in its accompanying smartphone app), the time of day, the estimated number of calories you’ve burned, distance walked/run, and it can even display your heart rate, if you get the optional heart rate monitor version.

Another differentiator that the Garmin Vivofit offers is its extremely long battery life. Whereas the Fitbit Flex offers about a week of battery life and the Jawbone Up 24 offers about two weeks of battery life, the Garmin Vivofit offers up to a full year on a single charge! Which is impressive, to say the least. It’s also waterproof to 50 meters (much more than many competitors) so you can take it swimming and leave it at the bottom of the pool if you want to.

The Vivofit by Garmin also offers a sleep tracking mode, which syncs with both the app and the Garmin Vivofit website.

Check Amazon’s current price for the Garmin Vivofit

UPDATE: Garmin has now released the Garmin Vivofit 3. Check it out to see the new features.

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