Best Bike Computer with Cadence

Best Bike Computer with Cadence

While casual cyclists may be okay with a basic cycling computer, more serious riders want more information out of their cyclocomputer. Buying a bike computer with cadence is usually not a lot more money, but the amount of info they can provide is more than worth the price increase.

Cadence is the pedaling rate of the bike rider. It’s tracked by putting a sensor on the pedal to count the speed of rotation. Why does tracking cadence matter? Generally beginning cyclists can ride longer when using lower cadences. Cadence can increase as a cyclist improves and rides more. If you use bike riding as a form of exercise, a higher cadence means better blood flow to your muscles which reduces muscle strain. You can learn more about cadence and bike riding technique at

When shopping for a bike computer with cadence, you want to consider other features as well. All cycling computers will have speedometer and odometer metrics, but do you want temperature readings? What about a clock? Do you prefer a wireless or wired computer? Do you need backlighting for night riding? Do you want GPS?

Keep those preferences in mind as you check out the top picks for cycling computers with cadence.

Best Bike Computer with Cadence

Suaoki Wireless Bike Computer with Cadence

Suaoki offers a budget wireless bike computer that’s easy to use and gives you the statistics you want. The speed sensor not only records you current speed and analyzes it, it will also display whether you going faster or slower than your average speed to keep you motivated.

While it’s priced like a basic speedometer, the Suaoki comes with a cadence sensor to record the rate you’re pedaling. Additional features like a built-in stopwatch and a calorie counter, make this bike computer an excellent value. This cycling computer is easy to use, with 2 button operation or an auto-scan function that cycles through all your stats.

Tracks: speed (current, max, average), cadence RPM,

Notable features: cadence sensor, auto on/off, 2 button operation, stopwatch, calorie counter, scan function to cycle through stats

Sigma Sport BC16.16 Cycling Computer with Cadence

The next budget option on our list is the Sigma Sport. It features 16 functions, including cadence. This computer will get you all the stats you need for an affordable price. Since the unit is waterproof and easy to install without tools, it’s perfect for mountain bikes or street bikes and using any season or weather.

The display shows two stats at once (your choice). You can also use the countdown timer and stopwatch to help track your cycling and plan your workout. The backlight means you can ride and read your stats early in the morning or at night. The Sigma Sport has a feature many budget bicycle computers lack: a microchip backup to save your stats and settings when you swap the batteries. There is also an optional USB docking station to transfer your data to a computer.

Tracks: current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, trip time, total time, stopwatch, countdown timer, cadence, average cadence, current and average speed comparison

Notable features: low battery indicator, memory chip storage and backup, downloadable stats, tool-free installation, waterproof, automatic stop/start, displays temperature, clock, backlight, 2 bike programmable

Bryton Rider 320E GPS Cycling Computer with Cadence

If you really want your cycling computer to have GPS without breaking the bank, the Bryton Rider 310 is an excellent option. It not only has GPS but also includes an option with a Cadence sensor. You can upgrade even more and add a heart rate monitor as well. Because this bike computer uses GPS to track distance, you do not need to install a speed sensor (a cadence sensor will need to be installed).

This unit boasts 70 different functions, including lots of data tracking. This wireless cycling computer is perfect for mountain biking, with a built-in barometer for measuring terrain. The large, easy to read display allows for a display of 8 different data points at once and is completely customizable. It also includes Bryton Test, a preloaded cycling program to help you improve and train systematically. This is a Bluetooth cycling computer, which means you can upload your stats to training sites like STRAVA and Training Peaks to compete with friends.

Tracks: GPS distance, speed, cadence, time, lap, calories, altitude, power

Notable features: GPS cycling computer, compatible with ANT+, 36 hour battery life, anti-glare display, backlight, uploadable stats via Bluetooth, waterproof, customizable screen, optional heart rate monitor, auto start/stop

CatEye Strada Wireless Cadence Bike Computer

This wireless bike computer from Cateye features a lot of advanced tracking that serious cyclists want. In addition to the advanced tracking, the cadence version also features the normal Strada stats and specs. The single button design makes it easy to switch through the seven data modes while riding. The innovative FlexTight bracket easily mounts to any handlebar or stem without any tools and is perfect for road bikes or mountain bikes.

Tracks: speed (current, average, maximum), cadence, elapsed time, trip distance, total distance

Notable features: wireless cycling computer, cadence sensor, low battery alarm, clock, pace arrow, auto power-saving, auto start/stop, dual tire size

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer with Cadence and Heart Rate

If you’re serious about cycling and want the most accurate, professional stats you can get, consider buying a Garmin Edge bike computer. It not only features cadence and heart rate monitoring, but is also a GPS cycling computer. I would even call it a “smart cycling computer”–it’s like a smartwatch for your bike. If you’re considering buying a smartwatch or fitness tracker for cycling, the Edge may have the features you’re looking for.

I addition to tracking the normal stats, the Edge also features training programs to help push you to meet exercise goals. Use Strava for ride challenges and live feedback during your ride. Or use any ANT+ indoor trainers and track your progress on the Garmin Edge. Unlike other devices on this list, the Garmin Edge has a color screen, and also features smart notifications when paired with your phone, so you don’t miss a call or message while you’re riding. It’s also compatible with Garmin Connect and auto syncs data to your computer.

Tracks: GPS (speed, distance), speed (sensor), cadence, heart rate, calories

Notable features: GPS cycling computer, color display, up to 15 hour battery life, waterproof, barometric altimeter, smart notifications, compatible with Vector, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, Virtual Partner, Courses, Auto Pause, Auto Lap, Auto Scroll through data, advanced workouts, time/distance alert, interval training, temperature display, customizable screens, shock resistant, Garmin Connect, weather alerts

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