Water Resistant Fitness Activity Tracker


When people start researching activity trackers, many wonder if they should buy a water resistant fitness tracker. Considering you’ll be buying a wristband that you’ll wear 24/7, it’s a good idea to pay attention to this feature. The kind of exercise and other activities you do on a daily basis will determine if you need a water resistant fitness band.

Most activity trackers and fitness trackers on the market these days are water resistant. That means you can sweat on them and wear them in the rain without issue. Some you can even shower or wash your hands while wearing them and the tracker will be just fine.

If you’re a swimmer or plan to wear your fitness tracker while you surf or do other water sports, you don’t want a water resistant activity tracker. Instead you need a waterproof fitness band for swimming or a waterproof fitness watch. Many people don’t realize there is a difference between water resistant and waterproof trackers, and you need to pay attention to this when you decide what fitness tracker or pedometer to buy. (Read more about the difference between water resistant and waterproof activity trackers.)

If you’re just looking for a fitness tracker you can wear without shorting it out from a little moisture, you can save money and have more options to find the right tracker for you. Here are some water resistant trackers to consider:

Water Resistant Fitness Trackers

Nike+ GPS Sportwatch Nike+ GPS Sportwatch
Using TomTom GPS, the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch is an awesome tracker for runners. It combines the GPS tracking with an optional shoe sensor for one of the most accurate step counts runners can find with a wristband tracker.

It’s a water resistant fitness tracker so you’re fine if you go for a run in the rain, but it’s not waterproof so don’t jump in the pool with it.

Available colors: black, white, anthracite/blue glow, black/red, black/volt, volt/black, white/sport turquoise

Tracks: time, distance, pace, speed, calories burned

Notable features: Nike+ Challenges to motivate yourself, custom training programs, alarm, stopwatch, Track BPM heart rate with optional HRM sensor, optional shoe sensor

Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex Water Resistant Fitness TrackerThis comfortable and easy to wear activity tracker sacrifices the LCD display of more gaudy pedometer-like bands for LED lights that show you your progress toward the day’s step goals. You have the Fitbit app to easily track your steps, activity, and sleep on your smartphone or tablet.

The big different with the Flex is that the band is fully customizable with a ton of different bands to personalize your Fitbit or match any occasion. Track your activity without sacrificing on style. It’s water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain damaging your tracker, but don’t wear it in the shower or the pool!

Available colors: black, slate, tangerine, blue, pink, red, teal

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, sleep quality and quantity

Notable features: silent alarm, swappable wristband, automatic sleep monitoring, 5-day rechargeable battery, syncs wirelessly to computers and smartphones, water resistant

Jawbone UP3 Activity, Heart, and Sleep Tracker (Check reviews and prices)
Jawbone UP3 Water Resistant Activity Sleep Tracker The Jawbone UP3 is the best of the current Jawbone fitness tracker offerings. It includes all the basic features of step counting, food and calorie tracking, and multiple exercise modes. It’s also splash and showerproof, so if you forget to take it off when you shower or get caught in a thunderstorm on your afternoon run, you know your UP3 is safe.

It also features Advanced Sleep tracking. Using bioimpedance sensors, the UP3 uses your heart rate to track your sleep phrases, including Wake, REM, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep. This makes the Smart Alarm even more accurate.

If you’re looking for heart rate monitoring, UP3 includes that as well. The same bioimpedance sensors track your resting heart rate and your passive heart rate to give a complete picture of your heart health.

Available colors: black twist, black/gold twist, indigo twist, ruby cross, sand twist, silver cross, teal cross, twilight cross

Tracks: activity, calories burned, sleep, heart rate

Notable features: Smart Coach, sleep tracking, Smart Alarm, Idle Alert (move alerts), automatic sleep detection and advanced sleep tracking, splash-proof and waterproof, LED indicator (notification and status), battery lasts up to 7 days, wireless syncing

Fitbit Charge (Check reviews and prices)
fitbit-charge-wireless-activity-bandThe Fitbit Charge combines the best features from the Fitbit One with the wristband format of the Fitbit Flex. The same great sleep tracking and silent alarm is still available, but it also includes an OLED screen that includes step count, the current time, and call notifications. When paired with your smartphone, it will display on your wrist who is calling so you don’t have to dig your phone out of your pocket or purse if you don’t want to answer.

It’s advertised as water-resistant, but they really just mean sweat proof and splash proof, so don’t take your Fitbit in the shower or the pool unless you want to brick it.

Available colors: black, slate

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, active minutes, sleep quality and quantity

Notable features: OLED display for steps and time, call notifications, 7 to 10-day rechargeable battery, automatic sleep monitoring, silent alarm, syncs wirelessly to computers and smartphones, water resistant

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is a fitness tracker that is very popular among runners. It’s water resistant and boasts a battery life of one-year, so this is a low maintenance tracker. This fitness band features a digital display of your step count and the current time. Use the personalized daily goals and the “Time to Move” reminders to live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals.

It can connect to an optional heart rate monitor chest strap to capture your heart rate, which automatically syncs with your smartphone.

The first Vivofit is only a water resistant fitness tracker. If you’re looking for a waterproof version, check out the Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker, which is perfect for swimmers.

Available colors: black, blue, purple, slate, green

Tracks: steps, calories, sleep

Notable features: Year-long battery life, water resistant, displays stats and time on band, Move Bar records idle time and inspires you to move, sets daily goals, optional heart rate strap

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