5 Best Dog Activity Trackers 2024

Best Dog Activity TrackersActivity tracking for pets is a newer part of the fitness tracker market, but in recent years we’ve seen an increase in trackers for pets. Most of these trackers are geared towards dogs, which makes sense when you consider how much exercise a dog needs. They need daily walks and time to run and play to keep them healthy, happy, and at a good weight. When life gets busy with work and other obligations, it’s easy to overlook your puppy’s health. Dog activity trackers can help you keep track of the exercise your pooch is getting and make sure it meets their needs. We’ve rounded up the best dog activity trackers currently available on the market so you can find the best pet fitness tracker to meet your needs.

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Dog Activity Trackers Comparison Chart

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FitBark 24.5 Star RatingSleep Tracking, Waterproof, iOS Android & Web apps, 14 day rechargeable battery
Whistle4 Star RatingWaterproof, Activity & Rest Tracking, 20 Day Rechargeable battery
Tractive4 Star RatingWaterproof, Sleep & Activity Tracking, 7 Day Rechargeable battery, iOS & Android apps
Petkit P24 Star RatingSleep & Activity Tracking, Waterproof, iOS & Android Apps
Link AKC3.5 Star RatingWaterproof, Activity Tracking, Temperature Alerts, LED Light

Best Dog Activity Trackers Reviews

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark was one of the first dog activity monitors on the scene and their high quality fitness trackers for dogs are still some of the best on the market. Fitbark features the tracking and goal features you expect in your own fitness tracker, perfectly customized for your dog. Their philosophy is to treat your dog like your exercise partner and through helping them reach fitness goals you will help yourself.

The sensor is an 8 gram tracker in the shape of a dog bone that clips to your pet’s collar. It then tracks your dog’s activity and sleep, adding up BarkPoints to track progress and complete fitness goals. Through the free smartphone app you a set a fitness lifestyle for your dog to base the goals on. Plus if you have a Fitbit, you can compare your activity to your dog’s.

Other benefits of the app include monitoring your puppy’s health conditions and tracking daily rest, active, and play times. This data will help you monitor your dog’s health and behavior changes, making it easier to detect new illnesses and share the info with your vet. The company also uses all the data they’re gathering to study patterns among dogs of all breeds and ages to learn more about the health and lives of dogs across the world.

The only downside to the FitBark is it does not have built-in GPS tracking which is useful for locating your dog if they’re lost. If you want that feature, you’ll have to consider other pet trackers.

Available colors: baby pink, cool gray, emerald green, light blue, true red

Good for: fitness-minded owners, dogs of all ages and breeds

Tracks: activity, sleep, behavior

Notable features: 3D accelerometer, waterproof, fitness app for iOS Android or Web, 14 day rechargeable battery life, compare stats with your Fitbit trackers

Whistle Go GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Monitor

If GPS tracking is essential for your pooch, the Whistle Dog activity trackers may be a better choice for you. The Whistle tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks them with GPS, cellular, and Wifi technology to find your pet quickly if they escape or runaway. You can even get email, app, or text notifications if your dog leave their designated safe areas, which you can customize. In order to do all of this you must purchase a subscription plan ranging from $6.95 – $7.95 per month, depending on the billing terms you select. The GPS will only work in the United States. Because of the monthly charge, we would only recommend buying the Whistle if you need GPS tracking for your dog (or cat).

For fitness tracking, the Whistle tracks your puppy’s activity and rest times and compares it to the averages for their age, weight, and breed. You can also set custom goals and track their performance over time. This will help you identify any behavior changes that can be an indicator of illness.

One thing to note: you will need a home wifi network to set up the Whistle tracker when you receive it. Reviewers also note that the collar uses its connection to your home network to determine if the dog is at home or has run away. For some people with far-reaching wifi signals, that causes a delay in receiving a notification that their dog has run off.

Available colors: gray, green, pink

Good for: dogs & cats, pets who think they’re Houdini

Tracks: GPS location, activity, rest, calories, distance, behaviors

Notable features: GPS tracking, waterproof, tracking alerts, 20 day rechargeable battery, 2 hour charge time, behavior tracking (licking, scratching, sleeping)

Tractive Waterproof Activity & GPS Dog Tracker

If keeping track of your pooch is as important as monitoring their activity, Tractive has the features you need. The tracker is a subtle device that attaches to collars or harnesses up to 1 inch wide. It features activity tracking to see how much exercise your dog gets during the day and the app lets you track their progress over time and set goals to keep them fit. You can even compare to other dog’s activity levels. At night, Tractive will monitor their sleep so you know how much rest they’re getting.

The Tractive dog tracker offers 24/7 live GPS tracking, with a “LIVE mode” that updates your pup’s location every 2-3 seconds. You can also use the map to create a virtual fence around your home to set safe and no-go zones. The app will alert you as your dog leaves these zones. Another fun feature in the app, it will track your dog’s location history. You can see their favorite hangouts while you at work or even find their secret hiding spots. If you’re having a hard time finding your pup, use the built in tracker light and alarm to help locate them.

The GPS feature does require a subscription with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Viaero Wireless USA, but this enables you to track your dog across the USA and in 150 different countries.

Available colors: white, coffee, midnight blue

Good for: dogs who are home by themselves during the day, escape artists

Tracks: GPS location, activity, sleep

Notable features: 24/7 GPS tracing, live location updates, location history, dog safe power button, tracker lights up and makes a sound to locate, 7 day battery life, 100% waterproof

Petkit P2 Activity Monitor for Dogs

If you’re looking for affordable or cheap dog activity monitors, you may be interest in Petkit’s offering. Their activity monitor is designed for cats and dogs and easily clips onto your pet’s collar for 24/7 tracking. You can use the free smartphone app to monitor health status, calories burned, and time spent sleeping. This helps keep you in touch with your pet’s health and any trends or changes in activity. It also tells you your dog’s mood, though it’s a little unclear how it measures that.

This cheaper pet monitor does not offer GPS tracking but really this tracker is meant to give you a quick picture of how active your dog has been during the day. Unfortunately, you have to be within Bluetooth range to update the stats to your app, so you can’t track your dog from the office. The features aren’t as nice as some of the higher priced dog trackers, but it’s a nice entry-level product to consider.

Good for: budget priced tracker, general activity and sleep tracking

Tracks: activity, sleep (deep vs. light sleep), calories burned, mood

Notable features: waterproof, LED indicator light, iOS & Android apps,

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Link Smart Collar has all the tracking you need for your dog built into one attractive collar. It’s basically like a smartphone for your dog. For activity tracking, the Link AKC gives you as many options as a regular fitness tracker for humans. The companion smartphone app allows you to enter your dog’s age, breed, and size to give accurate and customizable daily activity goals.

This collar is perfect for adventurous dogs. It’s waterproof up to 3 feet, perfect for visits to the dog beach, pool, or just long walks in the rain. The collar also has an Adventure Mode that records walks, hikes, and other outdoor adventures with your pooch.

The free smartphone app makes it easy to track your dog if you get lost or monitor your puppy’s walks while you’re at work. You can also set up Safe Zones to be instantly alerted when your dog escapes your home. If you have a whole family of dogs, no worry, the app allows you to sync with up to 10 collars. You do need a GPS service subscription through AT&T for the GPS tracking. The collar comes with three months free. It only works within the USA>

Additional safety features include temperature alerts which warn if it’s too hot or too cold where your dog is and an LED light built into the collar for increased visibility during nighttime and early morning walks. You can also use the app to emit sounds from the collar, perfect for training. The tracker itself pops out of the collar for easy charging.

Available colors: Brown Leather or Black Sport

Good for: dogs over 10 lbs, tracking your pet’s activity, GPS tracking & location

Tracks: activity minutes, walks/hikes

Notable features: GPS Tracking, Customizable Activity Goals, Smartphone App for iOS & Android, Safe Zone Alerts, Waterproof, Sound Training, Temperature Alert, LED Light, 3 Day Battery Life, Vet Record Storage

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