The Best Running Mittens to Keep Hands Warm

The Best Running Mittens to Keep Hands Warm

If you like to run outdoors and you live in a climate where winters are cold, you know the challenge of keeping your hands and fingers warm. Even when your blood is pumping in the middle of a good run, your extremities can still get cold when the outside air is chilly. Many people utilize running gloves to help protect their hands. While that may work for fall and warmer winter weather, when the temperature really drops your fingers can easily get cold and go numb on long runs. The natural solution to this problem is by wearing a pair of running mittens.

I know–a lot of people who haven’t worn mittens since their age reached double digits think, aren’t mittens for kids? No! In fact, mittens are the perfect solution to keep your hands warm during most cold-weather activities. By keeping your fingers together, mittens help trap your body heat to keep your hands warmer. Since there’s less fabric around your fingers, they also have less evaporative heat loss. They can also be layered with running gloves underneath to keep your hands even warmer when the temperatures are absolutely freezing.

While you could technically just wear any old pair of mittens while you run, if you’re looking for running mittens exclusively there are a few pairs you should consider. Made specifically for runners, they usually feature windbreaking fabric as well as sweat-wicking inner layers that help meet the needs of runners. We’ve gone through all the options and found the best running mittens available for your cold-weather running this season.

5 Best Running Mittens

Saucony Unisex Run Mitt

Saucony is well known for their running shoes and apparel, so it’s a natural fit that they make great running mittens. These run mitts are the perfect defense against freezing air, cold wind, and water. Made from polyester, the exterior is wind and waterproof, with fully taped scenes to keep the weather out. The lining is made of soft fleece which is super comfortable and helps wick away moisture while trapping your own body heat.

In addition to being warm and comfortable, these mittens include features made especially for runners. Fleece nose wipes on the thumb help combat runny noses. The striped pattern on the back of the mittens is reflective for greater visibility during early morning and evening runs. For more convenience, these mitts feature an extended cuff to keep your wrists warm and help with layering. They also include magnetic fasteners to keep your gloves together when you’re not wearing them. Made in a unisex design in two sizes, these are great running mittens for men or women.

Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large

Carhartt Waterproof Mittens for Runners

Now these gloves are not made specifically for runners, but they have a lot of the features runners need, plus the quality you’d expect from Carhartt. Made for workers, they’re really built well to deal with sweat. The mitt’s lining features Carhartt’s FastDry technology which wicks away sweat so your hands don’t only stay warm but dry as well. The outer shell is waterproof to protect your hands against any wintry weather.

The fleece cuff features a wrist strap closure to keep these runners mittens securely on while you jog. The Carhartt logo on the back of the hand also doubles as a sweat or nose wipe. These gloves are advertised for men, but since they come in a variety of sizes and have a neutral design, they work great for women as well. They’re also a good option if you’re looking for mittens that will work for other sports like skiing. Handwash only.

Available colors: black, brown/black

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Gordini Stash Lite Touch Mitts

If you’re looking for a lightweight glove that will keep your fingers toasty warm while you run, the Lite Touch Mitts from Gordini is an excellent choice. The lightweight ripstop shell keeps your hands warm with the Insilk insulation, which features a hydrowick lining for breathability. These are a great alternative to fleece gloves if you find those make your hands too hot and sweaty. These mitts are also super easy to store, they fit into the STUFF pocket on the cuffs making them pocket-sized.

These gloves are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. You’ll be ok running in the rain or snow, but they probably won’t do the job if you’re playing in the snow. The big bonus with these running mittens is that they’re touch screen compatible, which means you can use your phone or your touch screen running tracker without taking them off. The silicon grip palm helps you keep a good grip on your phone or your water bottle. Comes and men’s and women’s sizes.

Available colors: charcoal gray, black, neptune blue, rouge (women’s only), nightlife (men’s only)

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (men’s only)

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Mitts

This is another warm and waterproof mitten set built for skiing, but perfect for running. Made for men and women, Outdoor Research built these gloves to keep hands warm and dry during a day on the slopes, so they’re more than enough to keep you warm during your daily jog. The waterproof nylon shell is also windproof. The cuff features a cinch gauntlet closure so your gloves stay on and stay warm.

If you’re running in extra cold weather, these running mittens give you enough room to add some hot hands or a glove liner for extra warmth. Since these are gloves meant for active folks, they’re great for running, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Available colors: black

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Trailheads Convertible Runner Mittens

Not ready to fully commit to wearing mittens or looking for the best of both worlds? These running gloves that easily convert to mittens when you need extra warmth. The mitt top easily stuffs away in a hidden pocket so this pair can be comfortably worn as gloves. The mitt covering is wind and water-resistant for when the weather turns cold and nasty. The interior glove lining wicks away sweat to keep your hands warm and dry.

Some bonus features of these gloves include touchscreen compatible fabrics on the thumb and forefinger and magnetic fasteners to keep your gloves together when you’re not wearing them. The extended cuff keeps your wrists warm and makes layering with glove liners easy.

Available colors: black, black/coral

Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Need to stay connect when you run? Check out these touchscreen running gloves. If you have a hard time using your phone while wearing gloves, consider these convertible texting mittens.

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