Best Fitness Trackers that Look Like Jewelry 2024

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So you want to track your steps and exercise, but you’re not interested in a utilitarian looking fitness band, sports watch, or gaudy pedometer. As activity trackers become more popular there are newer, more fashionable options available for women or men who want something nicer looking. There are many workout bracelets that make an attractive accessory as well.

With these fashionable fitness bands, you can keep track of your health at work, parties, or just out on the town. You’re also not limited to workout bracelets or wristbands. There are necklaces and clips as well. A lot of these exercise bracelets and watches work for both men and women. Check them out below and see if you can find a tracker to match your style.

Tracker Jewelry Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for tracker jewelry and stylish fitness trackers. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

Fitbit Luxe
4.5 Star RatingWaterproof, sleep tracking, silent alarm, auto exercise tracking, 5 day battery
Withings Activite Pop
3.5 Star RatingWaterproof, Traditional Watch, Step Counter, Sleep Tracker, 8 Month Battery, Auto Run Detection
Bellabeat LEAF
3.5 Star RatingSleep Tracking, Smart Alarm, Breath Tracking, Period Tracking, 6 Month Battery
Apple Watch
5 Star RatingFull Feature Smart Watch, 18 Hour Battery, Interchangeable Bands

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Best Workout Bracelets & Tracker Jewelry

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition

Fitbits are some of the hottest fitness trackers around and now they have a model that is perfect if you’re looking for a stylish fitness tracker. While the normal Luxe band is a nice but typical fitness tracker, the special edition version comes with a gold stainless steel bracelet from gorjana. This band is perfect for dressing up your tracker for the office or special events.

In addition to being a versatile fashion piece, the Luxe is also a fully robust tracker. This activity tracker provides all the basics you’d expect like step tracking, but thanks to the Fitbit app, you get so much more. SmartTrack recognizes and automatically tracks a variety of workout types in the app. You can also receive text and call notifications through a vibration. The accurate and automatic sleep tracking also means this is a great 24/7 tracker to really help give you the data you need for all facets of your life. This is one of the best options if you want the best of both worlds: an attractive jewelry piece you can customize to any outfit and an accurate and sporty fitness tracker for a variety of exercise types.

Available colors: gold, black/graphite, lunar white/soft gold stainless steel, orchid/platinum stainless steel (and interchangeable wrist bands)

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, SpO2 (oxygen saturation), SmartTrack exercise modes, Stress Management Score, breathing rate (sleep), skin temperature (sleep)

Notable features: 5 day battery life, always-on color display, smartphone notifications, Do Not Disturb mode, Silent Alarms, timer and stopwatch, Daily Readiness score, call & text notifications, GPS via phone, menstrual cycle tracking, Active Zone Minutes, 50m water resistance, Guided Breathing app

Fashionable Design
Fully color always on display

Must pair to phone for GPS
No downloadable apps

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Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that actually looks like a traditional watch, the Withings Activite line will suit you. This is a well-rounded fitness watch that’s meant to track steps and sleep. It has automatic run detection, so it’s perfect for runners who want a discrete fitness tracker.

The watch face tells time and also features a dial tracker to show you how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal. Sync with your smartphone to get detailed data on running or walking distance, and sleep data. It’s also waterproof so you can wear it while you swim or shower without damage.

Available colors: black, sand, azure, pink (customizable with additional wristbands)

Tracks: steps, distance, running, calories burned, sleep cycle, steps taken

Notable features: silent alarm, sleep cycle analysis, 8 month battery life, automatic run detection, water resistant to 150 feet

Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker

Made specifically for women, the LEAF tracker has some awesome features you don’t usually see in activity trackers. Sure it tracks your activity and your sleep, but it also monitors your breathing. Using guided breathing exercises, the leaf helps you relieve stress and fall asleep easier. It also tracks your monthly cycle and reproductive health.

Use the smart alarm to wake you in the morning or as a reminder to take your birth control pill. To make this tracker even better, LEAF is a gorgeous clip-on device that looks like a leaf and has the appearance of fine jewelry with wooden housing instead of cheap plastic found on most trackers. Buy optional accessories to wear it as a bracelet or a necklace.

Available colors: blackwood/rose gold, white/silver

Tracks: activity, breathing, sleep, period and ovulation, calories burned

Notable features: smart alarm, tracks breathing to relieve stress, sleep tracking, LEAF app, 6 month battery life

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the hottest smartwatches on the market right now. A lot of people forget it is also a fitness watch as it has advanced activity, step, and heart rate monitoring features. It’s also fully customizable with different sizes, colors, and a number of different bands to create the perfect look for any outfit.

The smartwatch factor is off the charts with the Apple Watch. We’re only going to focus on the fitness and health apps (because there are hundreds more), but it comes with a few that rival other fitness bands. The Activity App helps you achieve 3 daily fitness goals: standing, moving, and exercising. The Workout App allows you to track specific types of exercises by utilizing specific sensors based on the workout type you select. Apple also has health apps to track your heart rate and other stats.

Beyond that, the endless apps, and nearly limitless band choices make this a cool and fashionable choice for an activity tracker.

Available colors: Silver, Gold, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, Green, Gold, Graphite, Space Black, Titanium, Red

Tracks: Everything! Heart rate, time standing, steps, calories burned, minutes meditated, blood oxygen level, sleep. Unlimited tracking options via third-party apps

Notable features: Waterproof, GPS, Cellular Option, Always on Display, 100s of custom bands, Customizable Watch Faces, Move Reminders, Exercise Tracking, Guided Meditations, iOS Apps, Wrist Based Heart Rate, ECG, Emergency SOS, Automatic Workout Detection, listen to music via Bluetooth

Choice of GPS or Cellular
Tracks a Variety of Exercises
Closing Rings a Great Motivation for Weight Loss
100s of Apps

Higher Price Tag Compared to Other Trackers
Must Have iPhone to Use
High Tech Screen Can Shatter with Direct Impact

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