Best Apple Watch Sleep Trackers

Best Apple Watch 2 Sleep Trackers

The Apple Watch is a great option for active people who are looking for a smartwatch that also tracks their fitness and steps. The Apple Watch Series 2 even takes it to the next level by providing a waterproof watch that can track swimming. It also has built-in GPS, heart rate tracking and a variety of fitness and health tracking apps to help you stay on top of your activity. (Check out prices on Amazon for Apple Watch 2.) The one downside of the Apple Watch is that it does not provide a sleep tracking that is commonly seen in many fitness tracks with built-in sleep tracking.

If you’re searching for a way to track your sleep with your Apple Watch 2, there are plenty of options. There are many compatible apps and sleep trackers available that can feed their data to the Apple Health app so you can keep track of it along with your steps and exercise. We looked through all of the options available on the market today to locate the best Apple Watch 2 sleep trackers. These sleep tracks also sync with your iPhone if you use the Health app and your phone to count your steps. Check out the reviews below.

Apple Watch Sleep Trackers

Autosleep App for Apple Watch

Autosleep Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch

If you’re not interested in buying any additional gadgets to track your sleep, the best option is this app by Tantsissa. Designed specifically for tracking sleep with the Apple Watch 2, all you need to do is install the app on your iPhone and the Autosleep automatically tracks your sleep when you wear your Apple Watch to bed. It uses Apple’s concept of Activity Rings and applies it to sleep with their Sleep Rings which challenges you to achieve quality sleep each night to close your rings.

The Autosleep app uses all the data gathered by your Apple Watch to quantify the amount of sleep you got, as well as tracking deep and light sleep based on your movement and heart rate. It then gives you a quality score for your sleep. All this data can be viewed on a daily or monthly basis to look for sleep trends and work to improve your overall quality and quantity of sleep. All of this data can also be written to your Apple Health app so you can view all of your information in one app.

If you don’t want to wear your Apple Watch to bed because you find it bulky or uncomfortable, the app will still work. Unfortunately, you lose out on the auto-tracking features. Instead, you have to set your watch on charge before you go to sleep and then put it on when you wake up in the morning. Many users may find this inconvenient and you might want to choose another sleep tracker if you don’t want to wear your watch at night.

Tracks: sleep quality, duration

Notable features: automatic sleep tracking if you wear your Apple Watch to bed, history and monthly overview, Sleep Rings

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Pillow Sleep Tracking App for iOS

Pillow Sleep Tracking App for iOS

Pillow is an iOS app that can track your sleep from your Apple Watch or your iPhone (and you can view the data on your iPad). It also has some additional features that some users may enjoy over the Autosleep. Wearing your Apple Watch while you sleep is optional, but if you want the most data (especially heart rate data) you will need to wear it at night. While you sleep, Pillow monitors your movement and also sounds in the room (like snoring or breathing patterns) which is analyzed to give you in depth sleep data about the quality and quantity of your sleep. It even gives you the amount of REM time you get each night and records any noises so you can listen to them the next day. (Some users say they get humorous recordings of them talking in their sleep.)

Other cool features include an alarm clock, built in nap modes, and a Snooze Lab with suggestions on how to improve your sleep experience. All of the data syncs seamlessly with Apple’s health kit so you can analyze your sleep data in conjunction with other health data.

Some users find the hassle of setting up Pillow each night to be annoying and prefer the simplicity of Autosleep’s automatic tracking. Other users feel like the extra features, like audio recording and REM tracking, are worth it for this app.

Tracks: sleep sounds, movement, heart rate (if wearing Apple Watch), awake time, REM time, deep and light sleep time

Notable features: audio recordings, sleep analysis, history tracking, alarm clock, built-in nap modes.

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

If you don’t want to wear an Apple Watch or other wrist based tracker while you sleep because you find it uncomfortable or that it disturbs your sleep, there are other options for sleep monitoring and tracking. Beddit is a tracker you don’t wear. Instead, it’s a strap that goes across your mattress under your sheets–it’s like it isn’t even there. Beddit can track for 1 person or 2 people sharing a bed. The sensor measures your heart rate, breathing, snoring and information about your bedroom environment. All of this info is transfered to the Beddit app which gives you a sleep score to easily track the quality and amount of sleep you’re getting each night.

You can view all of this info in the iOS app or have your data automatically transfer to the Health app where your Apple Watch records all your activity info throughout the day. This is a great, no-fuss way to track your sleep without having to wear a device. It works perfectly for couples and can really help you dig into the things that are disturbing your sleep and figure out how to improve it each night.

Tracks: sleep, heart rate, breathing, temperature, humidity, sleep efficiency, sleep cycle

Notable features: automatic tracking, compatible with Apple Health Kit,

Sense Sleep Monitoring System

If you’re looking for other options for home sleep trackers, the Sense is a great choice. Sense works by attaching a “Sleep Pill” to your pillow–this is a small tracker that clips onto the edge of your pillow and monitors you throughout the night. This date is sent to the Sense base, which is an attractive globe that sits on your nightstand and monitors your bedroom’s environment. These sensors automatically track your sleep at night and even features a Smart Alarm that can weak you up during a light sleep stage.

All of this data syncs with your iPhone and Apple Watch and you can view it in the free Sense app or the Health app. You can then analyze your sleep trends over time or even look at how environmental factors like temperature and humidity affect your sleep. This can help you make changes to improve your sleep each night. This sleep monitoring system works great for couples as well, you just need to buy a Sleep Pill for each person’s pillow. Some bonus features the Sense offers are sleep sounds to help you fall asleep and voice commands to request sleep data, set alarms or control compatible smart devices.

Available colors: white, black

Tracks: light, sound, when you go to bed, when you fall asleep, temperature, humidity, air quality,

Notable features: voice commands, smart alarm, sleep sounds to help you fall asleep, sleep insights & suggestions

Check out more home sleep monitoring devices that do not require you to wear a tracker. If you’re not sure the Apple Watch is right for you, we also have recommendations for fitness trackers that monitor your sleep.