What is a Fitness Activity Tracker?

Fitness activity trackers or workout trackers are a whole new category of device that is quickly becoming popular among people who are interested in keeping tabs on their daily activities. Fitness trackers can measure all sorts of metrics, from the steps you take in a day, all the way up to fitness trackers with heart rate monitors, trackers for body temperature, and caloric burn rate. Some fitness trackers have sleep monitors and make suggestions for improvements in your daily routines. Others are meant for specialized tasks like fitness trackers for cycling, or running fitness trackers, or even waterproof fitness trackers for swimming.

Are fitness trackers just for exercise freaks?

No! Now that there are a wide range of fitness trackers on the market to choose from, people from all walks of life are using them to measure and optimize their daily activities. Sure, people who are already exercising regularly can benefit from fitness trackers to measure their progress on their goals, but more and more “regular people” are using them as well.

As more and more studies have shown the negative health impacts of sitting in an office at work all day, office workers are now even using some models of fitness trackers to remind them to get up and move around once each hour. Some trackers broadcast to the world that you’re passionate about tracking your health and using the latest technology; other trackers are discrete and look like fashionable watches. So much so that the rest of the world might have no idea you’re keeping tabs on health metrics while you’re talking to them.

How do I choose which fitness tracker is right for me?

The fitness tracker market has exploded in just the last few months alone. Originally, there were only a few fitness trackers to choose from, but today there’s a tracker out there for every lifestyle in every budget range.

As more and more people are becoming interested in wearable fitness trackers, companies have started producing so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s the point of this website: to sift through all the reviews and compare some of the best fitness trackers on the market today, so you can pick out which one is right for your lifestyle.