Should Using a Fitness Tracker be Your 2024 New Years Resolution?

It’s that time of year again. Time to take stock of the last 12 months and make resolutions to improve your life in the next year.

Making fitness related or weight loss related New Year’s resolutions aren’t new by any means. But this year many people are picking up a new tool that they hope will keep them accountable to their goals: fitness trackers. These devices didn’t exist ten years ago, but today fitness trackers are one of the hottest selling exercise related accessories on the market.

What is a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are small devices that you wear on your wrist or discreetly in your pocket or on your clothing that keep track of your everyday motion. Why is this helpful? Because it helps keep you accountable to your exercise goals.

Today’s fitness trackers are much more than dumb pedometers. In addition to steps counted, some fitness trackers can track your heart rate, calories burned, monitor your sleep, suggest improvements in your lifestyle and even remind you to get up and move around once every hour if you haven’t already! Some fitness trackers are meant to show off how sporty you are, others are meant to blend in. Still others are designed for specialized purposes like waterproof swimming fitness trackers or fitness trackers for cycling or running fitness trackers. Some models even let you compete against your friends or family in private web apps!

Is a fitness tracker right for me?

Fitness trackers come with all sorts of features and in all sorts of designs for every lifestyle and budget out there. If you want access to your activity data your smartphone, reminders and web-based tracking of your fitness or weight loss goals, fitness trackers can be extremely helpful gadgets. And the good news is: they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than a personal trainer.

If you’re looking for help keeping yourself accountable for your New Year’s weight loss or fitness resolutions, consider a fitness tracker. Here are some links to get you started:

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