Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting

4 Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting 2024

Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting

A lot of fitness trackers focus on simple tasks like walking or running. But if you spend a lot of time in the gym or weight lifting is an important part of your workout routine, you might find a lot of activity trackers to be lacking in that department. Luckily, there are some models of fitness trackers that offer features for gym workouts. For this article, we’ve looked at all the options available and found the best activity trackers for weight lifting and gym workouts. Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews in the next section.

Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for fitness trackers for weight lifting. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

3.5 Star RatingPersonal coaching, strength training tracking, rechargeable battery
Atlas Wristband
2.5 Star RatingWater resistant, auto workout tracking, smartphone app, heart rate sensor
Push Band
Push Band - Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting
No Ratings YetNo Ratings YetiOS app, rechargeable battery
Beast Workout Sensor - Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting
No Ratings YetNo Ratings YetiOS & Android app, web portal, arm band

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Best Fitness Trackers for Weight Lifting Reviews

GYMWATCH Fitness Tracker

If most of your workout time is spent in the gym, and weight lifting and strength training are a big part of your routine, then the GYMWATCH is designed for you. The tracker straps to your arm or leg (depending on what workout you’re doing) and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Use the app to select a workout and it will show you where to place the sensor (you can even use two as a duo sensor for simultaneous upper and lower body training). As you complete your exercise routine–whether it’s weight lifting or fitness machines–the app analyzes your movements and gives you live feedback via headphones or screen display. This helps you improve your form and increase the efficiency of your workout. The GYMWATCH and app work like your own personal trainer while tracking your progress automatically.

When you’re done with your workout (or even between activities), you can analyze and evaluate your workout. In addition to the usual calories burned data regular fitness trackers give you, the GYMWATCH has tons of data specifically for weight lifting, including moving barrels, range of motion, and time under tension. Because of the portability of the tracker, you can get in your strength training anywhere: at the gym, at home, in the park.

Though it has “watch” in the name, the tracker is just a sensor–it has no display and doesn’t show the time. You have to use your smartphone and the app to get the full effect of the coaching and tracking. They also have a web portal you can use to really analyze your stats on your computer at home. It also doesn’t do any of the regular activity tracker functions like tracking steps. The focus is really on gym workouts or bodyweight strength training. Hands down, the GYMWATCH is one of the best fitness trackers for weight lifting currently available.

Available colors: Coal black, cool white

Tracks: Calories burned, moving barrels, speed, average weight per exercise, range of motion, time under tension, trends

Notable features: Adjustable band, smartphone app (iOS 8+, Android 4.1+), web portal, rechargeable via MicroUSB

Atlas Wearables Fitness Wristband

If the GYMWATCH is out of your budget, the Atlas wristband is a cheaper option to consider. Designed with a variety of workouts in mind, the Atlas wristband is perfect for weight lifting, strength training, and other fitness activities. It features their trademarked Adaptive Motion Tracking that automatically logs exercises, counts reps, and analyzes your form. Again, this is like having a fitness coach on your wrist.

The wristband automatically identifies the exercise and records reps and other workout data to give you all the stats when you finish. Since it uses your smartphone app to track and analyze the data, this wristband is always updating and adding new supported workout types. Currently, it can track over 100 standard exercises, including weight lifting with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. It also tracks other exercises and aerobics like Crossfit, HIIT, and even swimming. If you’re doing push-ups or jumping jacks, the Atlas senses it and records it appropriately. If you need guidance for your gym time, the app has workouts designed to focus on a variety of fitness goals like slimming down or even adding bulk and it will guide you through the exercises on the wristband’s touchscreen. Or you can go freestyle and the app will track whatever you do.

Now, the Atlas is not an all-day wearable. The large screen on the band looks a little out of place for everyday life–like it’s something from a vintage sci-fi movie. If you’re looking for all day step counter or heart rate monitor, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But for monitoring and coaching while you work out, the Atlas is a good choice.

Available colors: green, yellow

Tracks: calories, heart rate (average and peak), reps, 1RM over time, muscle focus, velocity, form score, workout time, steps

Notable features: Adaptive Motion Tracking, 30m water resistant, automatic exercise tracking, automatic workout log, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, smartphone app (iOS & Android), touch display,

Push Band

Push Band - Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting

Similar to the Gymwatch, the Push Band is an arm band that will track all of your gym activity. While it won’t count your steps, the push band is recommended for coachs to train their athletes remotely, so you know it’s good for tracking your gym time. The band tracks over 250 exercises, include a variety of weight lifting activities.

Just put the band on your forearm and use the app to select your activities. The app provides real-time feedback using Velocity Based Training (VBT) and you can use the Portal website to track your progress over time.

Available colors: Black

Tracks: 250 exercises

Notable features: 7 hour continuous motion recording, rechargeable battery, 90 minute charge time, Bluetooth, iOS 9+ app

Beast Workout Sensor

Beast Workout Sensor - Best Activity Trackers for Weight Lifting

The Beast is a tiny sensor, but it has a powerful tracking app behind it. Worn as a wristband or on their vest mount, it tracks your movements and provides real time feedback on your smartwatch so you can see how hard you’re working. The app works as your personal coach, helping you to level up in your workout.

Over time you can evaluate your training cycles based on your results and plan better workouts. The smartphone app and web portal give you a perfect snapshot of your progress and help motivate you to continue improving. Since this tracker is meant specifically for the gym and weight lifting, it doesn’t feature any of the general fitness tracker features like step counting, but it tracks all the date you need for your weight lifting routine.

Available colors: Yellow with black strap.

Tracks: Power, speed, force, Weightlifting reps, daily performance

Notable features: Beat web portal, Android & iOS app, included armband, rechargeable battery, microUSB charging cable

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Best Fitness Tracker Under $100

5 Best Fitness Trackers Under $100

Best Fitness Tracker Under $100
Everyone seems to be into fitness trackers now because they’re great for staying active and helping you reach your fitness goals. Because of their popularity, there are a lot of different activity trackers available on the market now at a variety of price points. While usually, only fitness fanatics are interested in the more expensive exercise trackers on the market, many shoppers want more affordable trackers that only have the essential features. There are many cheap fitness trackers available for tight budgets, but if you can afford to spend a little more you can get better features and better quality. For this article, we’ve searched for the best fitness tracker under $100 and found five fantastic candidates to help you meet your fitness goals.

Check out our comparison chart to find the best fitness tracker under $100 and then read the reviews below. Note: At the time of writing all of these activity monitors were under $100. Since online prices are volatile, they may go over that threshold. We do our best to keep this article up to date.

Fitness Trackers Under $100 Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for the best fitness trackers under $100. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

Fitbit Flex 2
4 Star RatingWaterproof, sleep tracking, silent alarm, auto exercise tracking, 5 day battery, smartphone app, move reminders
Garmin Vivofit 3
3.5 Star RatingWater resistant, 1 year battery, move reminders, smartphone app, time display
Misfit Shine 2
3 Star RatingWaterproof, 6 month battery, vibration notifications, interchangeable bands
Garmin Forerunner 15
4 Star RatingWaterproof, GPS, 8 hour/5 week battery life, Garmin Connect
Xiaomi Mi Band
4.5 Star RatingWrist Based Heart Rate, Sleep Tracking, LED Display, Move Reminders, Auto Workout Tracking, Splash Resistant

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Best Fitness Tracker Under $100

Fitbit Flex 2 Activity Tracker

Fitbit’s are still one of the most popular bands of fitness trackers, and luckily they have a model available for every budget (check out our reviews of all of the Fitbit Trackers). For a fitness tracker under $100, the Fitbit Flex 2 is your best bet. Besides the quality of the product, all Fitbit trackers come with their free smartphone app, which allows you to track steps and sleep, but also has the SmartTrack auto exercise recognition to track any activity to you do all day long. Automatic move reminders plus call and text notifications are great bonus features.

The Flex 2 stands out from the other Fitbit offerings because (at the time of writing) it is the only waterproof Fitbit available. This makes it the best model for swimmers or forgetful types who forget to take their activity tracker off before they shower. As far as its design goes, this is one of the most versatile trackers Fitbit offers. While it comes to you in the waterproof band, the tracker itself is a small pill that can be removed and used with third party bands or dressed up and worn as an attractive necklace or bracelet.

Like other trackers in the under $100 price range, the Flex 2 does not feature GPS or heart rate tracking, but if those features aren’t essential to you, this is a great option for an affordable activity tracker.

Available colors: black, lavender, magenta, navy

Good for: swimmers, fashion conscious users, tracking a variety of exercise types

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, sleep quality and quantity

Notable features: silent alarm, swappable wristband, automatic sleep monitoring, 5-day rechargeable battery, syncs wirelessly to computers and smartphones, waterproof, SmartTrack auto exercise tracking, waterproof, move reminders

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Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

Garmin offers plenty of activity trackers for a variety of lifestyles and budgets. We’ve found the Vivofit 3 is the best choice out of their fitness trackers under $100. This tracker is great for monitoring a variety of activity types, which makes it good for people who like variety in their workouts. The Garmin Connect mobile app includes Move IQ which automatically detects different types of fitness activity and records it. The Vivofit 3 also offers the standard step and sleep tracking. If you’re an office worker who needs to be reminded to take breaks, the move bar on the display gives you a quick update on how you’re doing with your daily step goal. The band also features an move alarm to remind you to get up periodically.

If you hate charging your band, the Vivofit 3 has a one-year battery life, so you can just wear your band 24/7 without worrying about battery levels. It’s also waterproof so you don’t have to take it off when you shower. This fitness band also has a built-in display that shows your current step count, calories burned, and the time of day. Garmin’s Vivofit is an excellent option if you’re looking for a quality tracker at an affordable price. The only big features it’s missing are GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Available colors: black, white (additional colored accessory bands available)

Good for: People who do a variety of activities, if you hate charging your band

Tracks: steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes, sleep, inactivity

Notable features: 1 year battery life, silicone band, water proof 5 ATM, auto activity detection, move bar and move reminders, displays time of day & steps, personalized daily goals, Garmin Connect app

Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker

If you’re looking for a minimalist tracker at an affordable price, check out the Misfit Shine 2. This tracker is a smooth aluminum disc that has no traditional display. Instead it features a ring of lights that can show your up-to-the-minute stats, or you can sync it with your smartphone for the full details on your steps, activity, and sleep. Like the Fitbit Flex 2, the tracker disc can be worn in a variety of ways: as a wristband, as a clip, or even as jewelry. This flexibility means it can be worn on various parts of your body for more acurate tracking of activities like cycling where your wrist doesn’t move.

The Mistfit Shine 2 uses a coin cell battery that lasts for 6 months, which means you can wear it all day, all week long, without worrying about charging. Since it’s waterproof, this is also a great tracker for swimmers. If you want more connectivity with your tracker so it’s closer to a smartwatch, the Shine 2 also can connect with and control your smartphone, Nest, Logitech Harmony and other smart devices. This is a stylish tracker with a ton of features at an affordable price. It is missing the GPS and heart rate monitoring that is hard to find at this price point.

Available colors: pure silver, carbon black, rose gold (other third party replacement bands are available)

Tracks: steps, calories burned, distance, activity types, sleep quality and duration

Good for: swimmers

Notable features: waterproof up to 50 meters, interchangeable bands, vibration alarm for text and call alerts, move reminders, 6 month replaceable battery

Garmin Forerunner 15

If you’re a runner and GPS tracking is essential for your daily jog, don’t dispair! There is a fitness tracker under $100 that has GPS tracking! The Garmin Forerunner line is loved by many runners, and their Forerunner 15 is priced under $100 and has the features runners need. What looks like a digital watch provides much more than the current time, this tracker uses GPS to track your distance and route, which can be easily viewed on a map if you sync with Garmin connect. In between runs, it also tracks general activity, tallying steps taken and alerting you of inactivity. Since it’s waterproof, this tracker is also great for running in the rain or taking a swim.

Features specifically designed for runners include an auto lap function that beeps whenever you complete a mile and instantly gives your mile time. The GPS is used to record your time, pace, and distance for outdoor runs. (If you train indoors during the winter, connecting a foot pod can provide the same info). It also tracks your stats to let you know when you set a personal record for run time or fastest mile.

If heart rate monitoring is essential for your tracking, this model is also available with an optional heart rate strap, though it does increase the price. Depending on current pricing and the color/size you select that may boost the price over $100. The big con we find with this model is it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, so it can’t sync automatically with your smartphone. Instead, after each run, you need to connect it to a PC or Mac to sync your data to Garmin Connect. If this is an issue for you, consider one of the other trackers in the article or one of the higher-priced Forerunners.

Available colors: black/blue, black/green, red/black, teal/white, violet/white

Good for: runners, people who run occasionally and want all day activity tracking

Tracks: steps, calories, distance, GPS route, auto mile time (optional heart rate)

Notable features: waterproof 5 ATM, auto-lap function, inactivity indicator, 8 hour battery life in training mode, 5 week battery life in watch/activity tracking mode, syncs with Garmin Connect, indoor training with optional foot pod

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker

The Xiaomi Mi Band is priced a lot cheaper than the other trackers on this list. Xiaomi has consistently produced some of the best cheap fitness trackers on the market, and they’re worth considering if you’re searching for the best fitness tracker under $100.

While the Xiaomi Band doesn’t have some of the fancier features of higher-priced fitness bands, it has the features most users need. It covers all the basics like step counting, calories burned and sleep tracking, as well as the bonus of heart rate tracking (which is usually impossible to find in a tracker at this price point). All of this information is available in the free smartphone app, which helps you track your progress and set exercise targets to help you meet your fitness goals. The latest model also adds a few great features like a waterproof design and real-time display of exercise stats right on the band.

The Xiaomi Band is one of the few fitness trackers that displays steps on the band or the current time on its OLED display screen. It also has a touch button to switch between displays. Add in a smart alarm that wakes you during the best point in your sleep cycle and the 20 day battery life, this is an excellent choice for an affordable fitness band.

Available colors: black (but replacement bands in a variety of colors are available)

Good for: Office workers who want to be more active, runners who want to monitor speed and heart rate

Tracks: steps, heart rate, running speed, sleep duration and quality

Notable features: LED display, real-time exercise stats on band, time, heart rate monitor, move reminders, auto-work out tracking, auto sleep tracking, waterproof, Bluetooth syncing, compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 7+, Android only: phone text and call alerts, 20 day battery life

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Best Dog Activity Trackers

5 Best Dog Activity Trackers 2024

Best Dog Activity TrackersActivity tracking for pets is a newer part of the fitness tracker market, but in recent years we’ve seen an increase in trackers for pets. Most of these trackers are geared towards dogs, which makes sense when you consider how much exercise a dog needs. They need daily walks and time to run and play to keep them healthy, happy, and at a good weight. When life gets busy with work and other obligations, it’s easy to overlook your puppy’s health. Dog activity trackers can help you keep track of the exercise your pooch is getting and make sure it meets their needs. We’ve rounded up the best dog activity trackers currently available on the market so you can find the best pet fitness tracker to meet your needs.

Check out the quick comparison in the chart below and then scroll down to see the individual dog activity tracker reviews.

Dog Activity Trackers Comparison Chart

To read the reviews of each product, keep scrolling to the next section.

FitBark 24.5 Star RatingSleep Tracking, Waterproof, iOS Android & Web apps, 14 day rechargeable battery
Whistle4 Star RatingWaterproof, Activity & Rest Tracking, 20 Day Rechargeable battery
Tractive4 Star RatingWaterproof, Sleep & Activity Tracking, 7 Day Rechargeable battery, iOS & Android apps
Petkit P24 Star RatingSleep & Activity Tracking, Waterproof, iOS & Android Apps
Link AKC3.5 Star RatingWaterproof, Activity Tracking, Temperature Alerts, LED Light

Best Dog Activity Trackers Reviews

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark was one of the first dog activity monitors on the scene and their high quality fitness trackers for dogs are still some of the best on the market. Fitbark features the tracking and goal features you expect in your own fitness tracker, perfectly customized for your dog. Their philosophy is to treat your dog like your exercise partner and through helping them reach fitness goals you will help yourself.

The sensor is an 8 gram tracker in the shape of a dog bone that clips to your pet’s collar. It then tracks your dog’s activity and sleep, adding up BarkPoints to track progress and complete fitness goals. Through the free smartphone app you a set a fitness lifestyle for your dog to base the goals on. Plus if you have a Fitbit, you can compare your activity to your dog’s.

Other benefits of the app include monitoring your puppy’s health conditions and tracking daily rest, active, and play times. This data will help you monitor your dog’s health and behavior changes, making it easier to detect new illnesses and share the info with your vet. The company also uses all the data they’re gathering to study patterns among dogs of all breeds and ages to learn more about the health and lives of dogs across the world.

The only downside to the FitBark is it does not have built-in GPS tracking which is useful for locating your dog if they’re lost. If you want that feature, you’ll have to consider other pet trackers.

Available colors: baby pink, cool gray, emerald green, light blue, true red

Good for: fitness-minded owners, dogs of all ages and breeds

Tracks: activity, sleep, behavior

Notable features: 3D accelerometer, waterproof, fitness app for iOS Android or Web, 14 day rechargeable battery life, compare stats with your Fitbit trackers

Whistle Go GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Monitor

If GPS tracking is essential for your pooch, the Whistle Dog activity trackers may be a better choice for you. The Whistle tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks them with GPS, cellular, and Wifi technology to find your pet quickly if they escape or runaway. You can even get email, app, or text notifications if your dog leave their designated safe areas, which you can customize. In order to do all of this you must purchase a subscription plan ranging from $6.95 – $7.95 per month, depending on the billing terms you select. The GPS will only work in the United States. Because of the monthly charge, we would only recommend buying the Whistle if you need GPS tracking for your dog (or cat).

For fitness tracking, the Whistle tracks your puppy’s activity and rest times and compares it to the averages for their age, weight, and breed. You can also set custom goals and track their performance over time. This will help you identify any behavior changes that can be an indicator of illness.

One thing to note: you will need a home wifi network to set up the Whistle tracker when you receive it. Reviewers also note that the collar uses its connection to your home network to determine if the dog is at home or has run away. For some people with far-reaching wifi signals, that causes a delay in receiving a notification that their dog has run off.

Available colors: gray, green, pink

Good for: dogs & cats, pets who think they’re Houdini

Tracks: GPS location, activity, rest, calories, distance, behaviors

Notable features: GPS tracking, waterproof, tracking alerts, 20 day rechargeable battery, 2 hour charge time, behavior tracking (licking, scratching, sleeping)

Tractive Waterproof Activity & GPS Dog Tracker

If keeping track of your pooch is as important as monitoring their activity, Tractive has the features you need. The tracker is a subtle device that attaches to collars or harnesses up to 1 inch wide. It features activity tracking to see how much exercise your dog gets during the day and the app lets you track their progress over time and set goals to keep them fit. You can even compare to other dog’s activity levels. At night, Tractive will monitor their sleep so you know how much rest they’re getting.

The Tractive dog tracker offers 24/7 live GPS tracking, with a “LIVE mode” that updates your pup’s location every 2-3 seconds. You can also use the map to create a virtual fence around your home to set safe and no-go zones. The app will alert you as your dog leaves these zones. Another fun feature in the app, it will track your dog’s location history. You can see their favorite hangouts while you at work or even find their secret hiding spots. If you’re having a hard time finding your pup, use the built in tracker light and alarm to help locate them.

The GPS feature does require a subscription with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Viaero Wireless USA, but this enables you to track your dog across the USA and in 150 different countries.

Available colors: white, coffee, midnight blue

Good for: dogs who are home by themselves during the day, escape artists

Tracks: GPS location, activity, sleep

Notable features: 24/7 GPS tracing, live location updates, location history, dog safe power button, tracker lights up and makes a sound to locate, 7 day battery life, 100% waterproof

Petkit P2 Activity Monitor for Dogs

If you’re looking for affordable or cheap dog activity monitors, you may be interest in Petkit’s offering. Their activity monitor is designed for cats and dogs and easily clips onto your pet’s collar for 24/7 tracking. You can use the free smartphone app to monitor health status, calories burned, and time spent sleeping. This helps keep you in touch with your pet’s health and any trends or changes in activity. It also tells you your dog’s mood, though it’s a little unclear how it measures that.

This cheaper pet monitor does not offer GPS tracking but really this tracker is meant to give you a quick picture of how active your dog has been during the day. Unfortunately, you have to be within Bluetooth range to update the stats to your app, so you can’t track your dog from the office. The features aren’t as nice as some of the higher priced dog trackers, but it’s a nice entry-level product to consider.

Good for: budget priced tracker, general activity and sleep tracking

Tracks: activity, sleep (deep vs. light sleep), calories burned, mood

Notable features: waterproof, LED indicator light, iOS & Android apps,

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Link Smart Collar has all the tracking you need for your dog built into one attractive collar. It’s basically like a smartphone for your dog. For activity tracking, the Link AKC gives you as many options as a regular fitness tracker for humans. The companion smartphone app allows you to enter your dog’s age, breed, and size to give accurate and customizable daily activity goals.

This collar is perfect for adventurous dogs. It’s waterproof up to 3 feet, perfect for visits to the dog beach, pool, or just long walks in the rain. The collar also has an Adventure Mode that records walks, hikes, and other outdoor adventures with your pooch.

The free smartphone app makes it easy to track your dog if you get lost or monitor your puppy’s walks while you’re at work. You can also set up Safe Zones to be instantly alerted when your dog escapes your home. If you have a whole family of dogs, no worry, the app allows you to sync with up to 10 collars. You do need a GPS service subscription through AT&T for the GPS tracking. The collar comes with three months free. It only works within the USA>

Additional safety features include temperature alerts which warn if it’s too hot or too cold where your dog is and an LED light built into the collar for increased visibility during nighttime and early morning walks. You can also use the app to emit sounds from the collar, perfect for training. The tracker itself pops out of the collar for easy charging.

Available colors: Brown Leather or Black Sport

Good for: dogs over 10 lbs, tracking your pet’s activity, GPS tracking & location

Tracks: activity minutes, walks/hikes

Notable features: GPS Tracking, Customizable Activity Goals, Smartphone App for iOS & Android, Safe Zone Alerts, Waterproof, Sound Training, Temperature Alert, LED Light, 3 Day Battery Life, Vet Record Storage

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Keep tabs on your kitty with these GPS cat trackers and activity monitors.

Upright Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

Best Posture Wearables & Trackers

Best Posture Wearables & Trackers

With all the joys and convenience of modern life, there are some pitfalls. The biggest is the amount of time we spend sitting, often at a desk for work or in the driver’s seat as we commute. Fitness trackers have helped address some of the issues that come from a sedentary lifestyle, but now they’re also targeting another area many people need help with. Posture wearables and trackers help combat the bad habit of slouching that can lead to back pain and other health issues over time. They help remind you to sit up straight, kind of like your mother whispering in your ear “sit up straight!” all day.

The poster trackers currently available on the market come in a variety of styles, from discreet wearables to technology that looks like it’s from the future. Depending on your specific needs, there is a posture sensor on the market to help you improve your posture, appearance, and overall health. In this article we’ve broken down the most popular posture coaches on the market so you can find the one that’s right for you. These include a variety of posture wearables and even a coach that you just sit on.

Posture Wearables & Coaches

Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker

Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity TrackerThe Lumo Lift is one of the most popular and well known of the posture wearables on the market currently. The tracker is a sensor that is worn using a magnetic clip on your shirt near your collar bone. It can be worn on an undershirt or jacket that is snug to your body and the tracker is very discreet. When you put it on you’ll set your Target Posture and the sensor uses angle displacement to know when you’re slouching. Using the free Lumo Lift app, you’ll program how often you want to be alert of bad posture and it will vibrate to remind you to sit up straight. In addition to these reminders, the posture tracker app also displays stats of your progress and improvement of your posture over time.

In addition to the posture training, the Lumo Lift also features basic activity tracking that’s common in most wearables. As long as you’re not looking for a robust or activity specific tracker (like those for running or swimming), the Lumo Lift is a great option to replace your regular step-counter or activity tracker. In addition to the posture tracking, the app also displays steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned. We think, in considering all the posture wearables on the market currently, that the Lumo Lift is the best choice for people who work office jobs but also live an active lifestyle.

One of the downsides to the Lumo Lift posture trainer is that it does require a little tech savvy to use and set up (it is not ready to go out of the box). The manufacturer recommends reading through the instruction manual before you use, as you need to set your Target Posture frequently (and every time you put the Lumo Lift on). Most people who regularly use smartphones and other trackers and tech devices should be OK, but this may not be a good option for a parent or grandparent who needs help setting up and using new devices.

Available colors: Silver or Black Clasp (comes with both)

Good for: improving your posture while tracking activity

Tracks: sitting and standing posture, steps, distance, calories burned

Notable features: Discreet magnetic clip tracker, free Lumo Lift app for iOS and Android, USB charging dock, posture coaching, pedometer, real-time feedback

ALEX N5 Posture Tracker & Coach

ALEX N5 Posture Tracker & Coach - Best Posture WearablesIf you’re not looking for a discreet posture wearable, the Alex N5 may be a device you want to consider. It looks like a device out of the future, but this technology is real and ready to help you improve and correct poor posture. It is worn on the back of the neck, with two hooks that go over each ear to hold it in place. To track your posture it measures the angle of the neck and if it moves into a poor posture angle the tracker vibrates to remind you to sit up straight. The free Alex app tracks your progress over time and helps you improve. You can also use it to customize settings for how often you’d like alerts.

Alex is only meant to be worn during your inactive time, like while sitting at work. While it works in sitting and standing positions, you won’t get any extra tracking benefits while exercising or running errands. This posture sensor is a great choice for people who are just looking to improve their posture at specific times and are not interested in any other tracking features. Since it does not have any activity tracking built in, you would need a separate device to count steps or other exercise.

Some reviewers have noted that while the Alex N5 is great a detecting neck bend, it may not detect when your shoulders and upper body slouch forward. You may want to evaluate the way your body slouches when trying to decide between the Alex and other posture wearables that attach to the upper body (like the Lumo Lift).

Available colors: black only

Good for: for tracking posture while sitting at a desk

Tracks: sitting and standing posture

Notable features: customizable vibrating posture reminders, pivot sensor and 3 axis accelerometer, light weight and adjustable for a comfortable fit, Bluetooth 4.0 syncing, free coaching app for iOS or Android, 70 hour battery life

Upright Go Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

The Upright Posture Trainer is different from other trackers because it attaches directly to your body. This posture sensor attaches to your upper back and uses an accelerometer and multi-sensors to measure when you’re slouching. It gives a gentle buzz to remind you to sit up straight (and the vibrations are completely silent). It’s discreet since you’ll wear it under your clothes, so your co-workers will have no idea you’re posture training during an afternoon meeting.

Upright, like all posture wearables, comes with its own app for tracking your posture improvement over time and in the moment. The claim the manufacturers make is that instead of wearing it all day long, you can actually just wear it for 15 to 60 minutes a day. The core strength and muscle memory you build in that time should be enough to build a habit of good posture, but we’re a bit too skeptical to believe that claim. It seems like the manufacturers are advertising it more like a “quick fix” than a long term tracker.

There are some downsides to the Upright. Since it sticks to your skin, you have to use adhesive strips to attach it. The device comes with 60 strips in the box, but over time you will have to buy more. That also makes it less convenient to wear than posture wearables like the Lumo or the Alex N5, which are easy to slip on in public places like the office. It may take longer for you to get results if you’re only wearing it for a limited amount of time daily.

Available colors: white only

Good for: discreet posture coaching for only an hour a day

Tracks: posture

Notable features: poor posture buzz reminders, USB charging docking station, free iOS and Android app, made of medical grade silicone

Darma Pro Comfort Cushion Posture Coach

Darma Pro Comfort Cushion Posture Coach and Activity TrackerPosture wearables aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a posture coach you don’t have to wear, then you’re in luck. Darma is a smart cushion that you can place on any chair. In addition to cushioning your bottom, it has a lot of interesting technology packed into it. It not only tracks your postures and knows if you’re slouching or leaning off center, it can also track and provide real time data on your heart rate and breathing. The Darma then uses this information to measure your stress levels and makes suggestions to meditate or take a break to reduce your stress.

As far as posture coaching goes, when the built-in sensor detects that you’re sitting poorly, it sends an alert to your phone reminding you to sit up straight. The Darma app also gives you the ability to build custom modes and reminders, so it can tell you to take a break every hour to get up and stretch. The app can even give you a stretching guide. Instead of being an “activity tracker,” Darma works more as a sedentary tracker, recording how long you spend sitting and helping encourage you to be more active in addition to improving your posture.

This product is really great for office workers who sit at a desk all day and want automatic tracking that they don’t need to set up or put on frequently. You do have the trade out the ability to track and improve your standing posture. Also, while the Darma cushion tracks how much time you spend sitting, it does not feature any other types of activity tracking, so you may need a separate fitness tracker if you want info on calories burned or steps taken.

Available colors: black only

Good for: office workers who don’t like wearing trackers or other devices

Tracks: posture, heart rate, respiratory rate, sitting time, stress level

Notable features: patented fiber optic sensors, made of foam padding and premium artificial leather covering, 15 day battery life, Darma iOS and Android App, Poor Posture alerts, stretching guide

Why Should I Worry About My Posture?

You may think having perfect posture doesn’t matter. But poor posture does more than just affect your physical appearance. It can cause serious health problems in different areas of your body.

First, what exactly is good posture? When you stand or sit with proper posture it means your bones and muscles are properly aligned. Your body is moving and resting as it is designed to work, meanings that muscles, joints, and ligaments are being used as nature intended. Since the structure of your body is properly aligned, that means your internal organs are also in their correct positions so they can work efficiently.

When you slouch or otherwise have poor posture, your muscles are straining to hold your body in unnatural ways. Your internal organs may be compressed, which can lead to digestion issues. This can lead to issues with neck and back pain and over your lifetime it may become painful to sit for long periods of time. You may also have issues with fatigue as your muscles are working overtime to hold your body up, meaning you’re wasting energy just trying to move through your day. Poor posture can also contribute to arthritis and other joint issues as you age, from the wear and tear of your joints not working as effectively as they could be with proper alignment.

Unfortunately, as people who tend to spend a lot of their day sitting at a desk, on a couch watching TV or playing video games, or while driving around, our bodies tend to hunch forward and curl inward. Without actively being aware of poor posture and working to maintain good posture while sitting and standing, you will probably slump and enforce poor posture habits.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to improve your posture and sit up straight. Posture wearables and posture reminder apps are a great way to help train yourself to sit up straight throughout the day. There are also many other ways to improve and maintain proper bone and muscle alignment.

Ways to Improve and Maintain Good Posture

  • Keep your weight down and exercise regularly. Extra weight around your midsection can pull on your back and make you slouch. By exercising regularly you keep your body flexible and strengthen your muscles, which helps to support good posture. Try gentle yoga poses to promote good posture.
  • Examine the way you work. If you sit at a desk all day, look at the way your work station is set up. Is your chair a proper height? Does it provide enough support for your back? Is your computer monitor at a comfortable reading level? Can you read things on your monitor without leaning forward? Do you need to make any adjustments? UCLA has a great guide to set up an ergonomic workstation that helps promote proper posture while working.
  • Get up and move frequently when sitting for more than an hour at a time. This allows you to stretch your muscles and work out any stiffness in your body. When you sit down again, it’s a great time to check it and adjust the way you’re sitting. Setting a reminder on your phone or using a fitness tracker with move reminders is a great way to remember to take these small breaks.
  • Use a back posture tracker or wearable to alert you throughout the day when your body starts to slump. This will help train you to sit properly. Consider posture wearables, like the Lumo Lift, which you can wear all day and get constant feedback to build better sitting and standing habits.
  • If you’re really having trouble breaking the habit, consider seeing an occupational therapist or chiropractor to help you do exercises to improve your posture. Yoga is also a great way to help improve your posture and flexibility.

Improve your posture through exercise with these yoga poses for better posture.

Best Activity Tracker for Weight Loss

3 Best Activity Trackers for Weight Loss 2024

Best Activity Tracker for Weight Loss

Many people have jumped on the fitness tracker trend to help keep them motivated to live an active and healthy life. They’re often people who already have favorite workout activities and just need to find the perfect tracker for running, swimmings, or cycling. But you may be coming to fitness tracking with a different goal, one of general weight loss and healthiness. If you’re looking for the best activity tracker for weight loss, the search is a little more tricky.

Instead of just looking for something that looks cool and counts your steps, you’ll need a fitness tracker that has features to help you with your weight loss goals. We’ve considered all the options to find the best activity tracker for weight loss. Here are our recommendations.

Best Activity Tracker for Weight Loss

Apple Watch Series 7

Oh boy! There’s so much to say about Apple’s latest offering. The Apple Watch is the ultimate companion for anyone on a weight loss journey, but it comes with a hefty price tag. When my last fitness tracker died, I made the switch and I have not regretted it. If you’re an Apple user, it’s a no brainer to switch to the Apple Watch which becomes an extension of your iPhone, putting all your favorite apps, texts, calls, and fitness tracking right on your wrist. If you don’t own an iPhone, go ahead and skip to the next recommendation, because an Apple Watch won’t work for you.

If your focus is on weight loss, then the Apple Watch is perfectly designed to help you ramp up your new healthy lifestyle at a reasonable pace. With the built-in Activity app, your Watch becomes your personal fitness guru. You’re challenged to close three rings a day: 30 minutes of exercise, 12 stand hours, and then a personalized movie goal. You’ll get reminders throughout the day of your progress, with encouraging messages to help you close each one each day. As you hit milestones, you earn badges for streaks, records, and special events. Each month the app selects a personal goal based on your previous activity. You can go from sedentary to fully fit thanks to the Apple Watch’s easy guidance.

I’ve seen tons of success stories of people losing weight just by closing those three rings. One of the great things about the Apple Watch is no matter what activity you prefer, it can record that exercise. It’s waterproof for swimming, has detailed GPS tracking for runners, and wrist-based tracking for your yoga flow.

With all of this, the best part is the Apple Watch isn’t some utilitarian fitness tracker. It’s designed to be a gorgeous watch. You can change out the bands and the watch faces for millions of looks, so you’re styling at the office, a party, or in the gym. If you opt for the cellular version, you can leave your phone behind and have the complete freedom and protection you need no matter where you go.

Available colors: Silver, Gold, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, Green, Gold, Graphite, Space Black, Titanium, Red

Tracks: Everything! Heart rate, time standing, steps, calories burned, minutes meditated, blood oxygen level, sleep. Unlimited tracking options via third-party apps

Notable features: Waterproof, GPS, Cellular Option, Always on Display, 100s of custom bands, Customizable Watch Faces, Move Reminders, Exercise Tracking, Guided Meditations, iOS Apps, Wrist Based Heart Rate, ECG, Emergency SOS, Automatic Workout Detection, listen to music via Bluetooth

Choice of GPS or Cellular
Tracks a Variety of Exercises
Closing Rings a Great Motivation for Weight Loss
100s of Apps

Higher Price Tag Compared to Other Trackers
Must Have iPhone to Use
High Tech Screen Can Shatter with Direct Impact

Fitbit Charge 5 GPS + Fitness Wristband

While any Fitbit is a great choice for losing weight because of the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale, we recommend the Blaze smart watch if you’re looking for the best activity tracker for weight loss. It has a ton of amazing features you can only find in a premium fitness watch.

Many fitness trackers are smartwatches with tons of features, bells, and whistles that can distract you from your goals. The Charge is a fully focused fitness and health tracker (with some bells and whistles thrown in) to help you meet your weight loss goals. It tracks 20 different exercise modes, giving you lots of options for your workouts. And SmartTrack automatically recognizes and records common workouts for you. The all-day activity tracker will also let you know your steps, distance, and calories burned, helping you to up your game on days when you’re more sedentary.

If you’re willing to pay for the premium membership, you can access the Daly Readiness, which is a personalized score that uses your exercise, sleep, and heart rate data to let you know if you’re ready for a workout or need a recovery day.

The health tracking features help you with your mind and body. The Stress Management Score lets you know how your body is responding to stress on a daily basis so you can manage your stress levels through exercise, mindfulness, and proper sleep. You can even log your mood to look for patterns and changes over time. Keep on top of your heart health with ECG, Oxygen Saturation Monitoring, and Heart Rate Variability Tracking.

Like many fitness bands, you can customize your bands to match your outfits and also receive call, text, and calendar alerts.

Available colors: Black/graphite stainless steel, lunar white/soft gold stainless steel, steel blue, platinum stainless steel (plus endless band options)

Tracks: steps, heart rate, GPS, distance, calories burned, active minutes, floors climbed, stationary time, auto sleep tracking, menstrual cycle

Notable features: interchangeable bands, PurePulse wrist-based heart rate, Cardio Fitness Score, silent alarms & auto sleep tracking, 7-day battery life, multi-sport modes, move reminders, SmartTrack auto activity tracking, OLED touchscreen with on-screen stats, guided breathing prompts based on heart rate, smartphone notifications, swimproof

GPS means you can leave your phone at home
Store music for your run
7 day battery life

No apps or smartwatch functionality

Check out our Fitbit Comparison to discover all their current trackers.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Fitness Tracker

Garmin is making some of the best activity trackers available on the market currently, but comparing prices and features, we recommend the Garmin Vivosmart for people who want to lose weight. It has plenty of features to help with weight loss and also has most of the features people look for when buying activity trackers.

The Garmin Vivosmart is an update to their original tracker which features wrist-based heart rate monitoring and pulse oximeter in addition to step counting and activity monitoring. It uses the heart rate information to more accurately calculate calories burned and the efficiency of your workout. The Vivosmart monitors your current activity level and then sets attainable daily goals, gradually moving you toward a healthier lifestyle. It also uses vibrations to remind you to keep moving throughout the day.

For workout tracking and motivation, it syncs with your smartphone and you can also create a MyFitnessPal account to help you compare calories consumed to calories burned so you can easily track and meet weight loss goals. If you want a smart scale to go with your fitness tracker, Garmin also makes the Garmin Index Smart Scale which will also sync directly to your account for accurate weight loss tracking.

Available colors: black, rose gold/gray band, gold/berry band, silver/azure band

Tracks: heart rate, calories burned, steps, distance, floors climbed, activity intensity & minutes, treadmill running, sleep monitoring (total sleep and quality), stress

Notable features: smart notifications (calls, texts, music, etc.), time display, move reminders, barometric altimeter, control music, daily goals, Garmin Connect community, 7 day battery life, waterproof 5 ATM

Make sure you meet your weight loss goals by learning how to set goals you can achieve.

Still on the hunt for the perfect fitness tracker? Check out the most popular fitness trackers and the best fitness trackers under $100.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Best Fitness Trackers Smartwatches for Kids

If you’re looking for the latest technology for your child and you want to be able to track their activity and exercise, you may want to buy a smartwatch for kids. These smartwatches have more features than simple pedometers for kids and help encourage exercise through rewards and games.

Since these smartwatches are designed especially for kids, they’re usually more durable, easier to use, and a lot cheaper than smartwatches for adults. They also have fun features like cameras that make it feel more like a toy than just a fitness tracker, so your kid will want to wear it. These smartwatches make great gifts for kids.

Activity Trackers and Smartwatches for Kids

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

The Leapband is a fitness band made just for kids. It makes fitness fun to encourage activity and rewards them with games and points they can use to unlock pets. Once they’ve selected a pet, it thrives on their activity.

The activity challenges are kid-centric, telling them to wiggle like a worm or march like an elephant to make exercise fun. It is a non-touch screen device, which makes it sturdier but may be confusing for kids who normally use touchscreens. It also doesn’t have any advanced tracking features beyond the points. The main goal of the device is to get kids up and moving.

Available colors: blue, green, pink

Age Range: 4 – 7 years old

Tracks: activity

Notable features: active challenges, customizable pets, analog/digital watch, adjustable band, rechargeable battery, water-resistant, LeapFrog connect enabled

Octopus Kids Habit Smartwatch

JOY has designed the Octopus smartwatch for kids to be more than just games and fun. A big focus of their design is teaching good habits, specifically with a focus on helping kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Featuring a vibrant color display, the Octopus kid’s smartwatch can display over 700 icons to remind your child to complete a variety of tasks and chores. Build a consistent routine for your kid by scheduling reminders for tasks like brushing teeth, taking medication, bathing, or even doing homework. The watch doesn’t make any noise, instead it gently vibrates and displays the icon of whatever task needs to be complete.

This is a very specialized smartwatch, which means it is lacking some of the features you may expect in a smartwatch for kids. It does not track steps, nor does it have built in GPS tracking or calling abilities.

Best for children 4 to 8 years old.

Available colors: Sky Blue, Red

Tracks: completing habits.

Notable features: hypoallergenic wristband, splash proof, iOS & Android smartphone apps, 2-5 day rechargable battery

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is one of the most advanced options available for kids on the market right now. This touch screen watch is filled with tons of apps so they can take videos, play games, and tell time with just the tap of their finger. It also features two cameras (one for selfies) that can take still photos and videos.

For exercise and activity, the watch has a pedometer to count steps. It also features action challenges, which are recorded using the band’s motion sensor. This watch will help motivate your kid to be active. It does not have any phone or messaging capability, but it is one of the best smartwatches for kids.

Available colors: royal blue, vivid violet, black, pink, camouflage

Age Range: 4 – 12 years old

Tracks: steps, activity

Notable features: pedometer, motion sensor, alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, calculator, touch screen, splashproof, 256 MB internal memory, 2-week rechargeable battery, 50 clock faces

Kurio Smartwatches for Kids

If you’re shopping for a smartwatch for an older kid or teen, the Kurio is an affordable alternative to an Apple Watch. Their 2.0 version It packs a lot of features into a reasonable price tag as it’s an actualy smartwatch and not a kid’s toy.

If you’re mainly interested in activity and fitness tracking with this smartwatch for kids, there are some features specific to this. The built-in accelerometer can track your kid’s activity. It can also be used for motion detection games that get your kid moving. But honestly, there’s so much going on with this smartwatch that it may be hard to keep your kids focused on the fitness portion. The Kurio has a camera to take selfies and videos (which can be downloaded to a PC or Mac computer). It also features a ton of game apps as well as necessities like timers, alarms, calendars, contacts, music and more. Each watch also comes with two interchangeable bands so they can make their watch match their style each day.

One thing to note, while this is a standalone Smartwatch, it must be synced to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to take advantage of the texting and calling features. But it works without a phone or contract, so you can save money. If your child does not have a smartphone, you can sync it to yours however, they will have access to all of your contacts. If this is not ideal, you may want to consider a GPS locator watch with messaging ability for your kid.

Available colors: blue or orange bands, pink or purple bands.

Recommended ages: 4 to 15 years old

Tracks: activity

Notable features: high-res touch screen, 256 MB internal memory, 32 GB microSD card slot, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, productivity apps, games, Bluetooth connectivity for texting (Android smartphone required)

If you think a smartwatch may be too much for your kid, you can still motivate them to be active and meet goals with a fitness tracker or pedometer for kids.

If your kid is already very outdoorsy and active, check out these rugged and durable action cameras for kids.

Need gloves that work with your kid’s new smartwatch? Check out these texting gloves for kids and teens.

Activity Trackers and Pedometers for Kids

5 Best Activity Trackers and Pedometers for Kids

Activity Trackers and Pedometers for Kids

Everyone wants their children to be healthy. It’s better to start those habits early and an easy way to do that is with a pedometer for kids. With the internet, iPhones, video games, and streaming TV available to most kids and teens, it’s hard to convince them to get up and go outside. With activity trackers and pedometers for kids, you can make a game of it.

By settings goals and competitions to get more steps, you can encourage healthy habits early and help kids burn energy and stay fit. There are also pedometers and fitness trackers made specifically for kids that have games and other motivations to encourage children’s activity and exercise.

If you’re looking to give your kids more technology, there are also smartwatches for kids that include pedometers and activity tracking features. This article focuses specifically on more basic pedometers and fitness trackers for kids.

Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews.

Activity Trackers for Kids Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for children’s fitness trackers. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

Garmin Vivofit JR
3.5 Star RatingWaterproof, 1 year battery, mobile games, task timers, sleep tracking
2.5 Star RatingClip-on, water resistant, free app, custom reward system
4 Star RatingTouchscreen, fitness game, 1 week rechargeable battery, challenges
Fitbit Ace 3
4.5 Star Rating8 day battery life, shower proof, goals and competitions, swappable bands
Ozo Fitness Pedometer
4 Star RatingStep counter, clip on, 7 day memory log

Want to compare all of the fitness trackers we’ve reviewed? Check out our Fitness Tracker Comparison Chart.

Activity Trackers and Pedometers for Kids Reviews

Garmin Vivofit JR Activity Tracker for Kids

The Vivofit JR is a bit fancier than most pedometers for kids, but it has a lot of features that are great for active and outdoorsy kids. The first thing that sets this apart from other kid’s fitness trackers is this fitness band is meant to be worn 24/7 and it’s waterproof. That means your kid can wear it in the pool or the bath and it will be just fine. In addition, it has sleep tracking, so you’ll know if your kid is actually going to sleep when you turn off the lights at bedtime.

This Garmin tracker is designed specifically for kids: the slip on one-piece band is comfortable to wear and sturdy to stand up to any kid adventure. The real value comes with the mobile app designed for parents. Their stats sync with your phone so you can track their activity and steps taken and then you can set goals and assign chores for your child. They earn “coins” every time they complete a chore, which can be spent on rewards managed by the parents. If your child is a procrastinator, the task timer automatically counts down to when they need to finish their chores. The app also comes with mobile games that are unlocked whenever they meet their activity goals for the day. If the rest of your kids (and the parents too!) have Garmin fitness trackers, you can compete to meet daily step challenges as a family.

The Vivofit JR is a great option if you’re looking for a fitness tracker for your kids that will motivate them to be active, do their chores, and stand up to years of wear.

Available colors: broken lava (red), digi camo (green), real flower

Age Range: 4 – 9 years old

Tracks: steps, sleep, 1 hour of daily recomended activity, chores completed

Notable features: waterproof 5 ATM, 1 year battery life, parental app for Android or Apple smartphones, assign chores and award coins, unlockable mobile games, set task timers, additional bands available for larger wrists, personalized watch face

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker may look like a simple clip-on tracker at first glance, but it packs a lot of features developed specifically to motivate children. iBitz tracks their activity but also uses the love of video games to encourage their activity.

When you sync the pedometer with a smartphone, their steps are converted into rewards to unlock games and other digital rewards. Or parents can set specific rewards like screentime or a trip to the zoo that are unlocked after specific step goals are reached. Parents can also track their kids’ activity on their own Unity app.

There’s also an adult version if you want the whole family to use the same activity tracker brand and sync their data to the Unity app to compare and compete as a family.

Available colors: red, blue, pink, green, purple, orange, black

Age Range: 5+ years old

Tracks: steps, activity

Notable features: water-resistant (rain and splash-proof), durable, clip to attach to clothes or shoes, sync to parent’s Unity App, Bluetooth syncing, reward system apps

Striiv Smart Pedometer

The Striiv Smart Pedometer is not specifically made for kids, but it’s ease of use and affordable price point make it a great option for kids. The Striiv features an easy to use touchscreen that displays your progress throughout the day. It’s billed as a smart pedometer because it not only monitors your steps but analyzes it to help motivate you and give feedback.

It’s perfect for kids because it doesn’t need to be synced with a smartphone. It also features motivating goals in the apps to compete with friends and family or play games powered by walking. This is an easy to use and cheap pedometer for kids or teens. Since it’s designed for all ages, it’s perfect for getting the whole family in shape. Use it on a keychain, wear it on an armband, or just put it in your pocket (you can buy an optional accesory pack with a belt clip, armband, and carabiner).

Available colors: white

Tracks: steps, stairs climbed, distance, calories burned, minutes of activity

Notable features: full color 2″ touchscreen, challenges and trophies, Myland fitness game, friends race game, walk to donate to charity, 1 week rechargeable battery

Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids

Finally the whole family can get in on the fitness fun thanks to Fitbit’s Ace tracker for kids. If you’ve already added more activity and fitness to your life with a Fitbit, your kids can get in on the fun with this tracker designed especially for children over the age of 6. With videos games, TV, and the internet stealing our kid’s attention, sometimes they need a little extra nudge to get active and stay healthy. Fitbit has designed Ace to motivate kids to reach the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended by the CDC, using 24 hour activity tracking to push them to earn daily goals and virtual badges. They can monitor their progress on the easy to read display and also get move reminders to get up and go.

The Fitbit Ace is great to inspire competition between siblings or friends. They can compete with each other on step challenges and win virtual trophies. They can also send messages and cheers to other family members to motivate each other. For parents, the new Fitbit Family accounts allow you to check in with your kid’s progress at any time. And your child can also use the app to check their stats and the badges they’ve earned. This band can be synced with the parent’s smartphone or the child’s, allowing call notifications. The Fitbit Ace packs in all the features older kids need to stay active and fit.

One thing to note: many parents have found the included band is a bit small for kids older than 6 years old. Luckily, the Fitbit Ace is compatible with third-party bands, so you can easily get a larger band with your child outgrows the included one.

Available colors: night sky/neon yellow clasp, watermelon/teal clasp

Tracks: Steps, activity minutes, sleep

Notable features: 8 day battery life, adjustable band, swim-proof, motivational messages, step challenges, goal celebrations and badges, move reminders, competitions, family messaging, silent vibrating alarm, bedtime reminders, swappable bands, 10 clock faces, iOS & Android smartphone apps with parent and child views

OZO Fitness Digital Pedometer

If you want a really cheap and basic pedometer for your kids, the OZO Fitness Pedometer is a great choice. It’s a basic step counter without any extra fluff. This tracker easily clips onto your clothes (recommended to be worn on your waistband) and counts your steps all day. It also features a 7-day recall so you can look back at your daily walking time for the past week to help motivate you. The built-in clock is convenient, especially for kids who are just learning to tell time.

The ease of use makes this a perfect pedometer for seniors, kids, or adults who just want a no-frills step counter. Since it’s not a “smart pedometer” there aren’t any fancy games or apps to help motivate your kids so there is a risk they may lose interest in it. It does make a good introductory pedometer, especially for older kids.

Available colors: blue, black, pink, purple, yellow

Tracks: steps, miles, calories burned

Notable features: Auto-shut off function to preserve battery life, low battery warning, 7 day memory log

Check out more pedometers and step counters.

These are some great basic pedometer and step counter options for kids. If you’re looking for something a little fancier or your kid can’t stop playing with your Apple Watch, consider getting an activity tracker smartwatch for your child. If you’re worried about keeping track of your kid when they’re out playing, check out watches with GPS locators for kids.

If your kid is an outdoorsy type who is already active and loves to take pictures or videos, check out these rugged and affordable action cameras for kids.

Help your kids exercise more with these Yoga DVDs for kids.

Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

5 Best Watches That Count Your Steps

Watches That Count Your Steps

Step counters are all the rage now in the fitness community. A lot of fitness bands are cool but look utilitarian or don’t even tell the time, so you have to wear the activity tracker and a watch at the same time. Luckily there are plenty of watches that count your steps that are attractive and functional.

If you’re looking for a simple traditional watch, there are a few options. There are also really awesome smartwatches that give you options for fitness apps and other cool features. No matter what you’re looking for or what your style is, you can find a step counter watch that will work for you.

Check out some of our favorites below:

5 Best Watches That Count Your Steps

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

If you aren’t sold on smartwatches but want the cool features of an activity tracker, Withings offers the best of both worlds. It’s a physical watch face with a built-in digital display to give you up-to-date activity stats. Once you sync your watch with your smartphone, you can get in-depth stats on your exercise and activity. It also has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, for more accurate sleep and exercise reporting. Wear it to bed for automatic sleep tracking, plus a Smart Wake-up feature that wakes you at the best time in your cycle.

With 30 different sport workout modes built-in, you can track any of your favorite exercises. GPS connection through your smartphone also provides extra data on runs. The Steel HR is waterproof so you can wear it while you swim or shower without damage. It also has automatic run detection, so it’s perfect for runners who want a discrete fitness tracker they can also wear to the office. The 25 day battery life is outstanding compared to smartwatches that need charging every day. Live your life instead of worrying about charging.

If you need notifications, your watch can vibrate and display your calls, texts, events, and select app alerts on the digital screen.

Available colors: black, white, rose gold (and interchangeable bands)

Tracks: steps, distance, running, calories burned, sleep cycle, steps taken, heartrate

Notable features: waterproof to 50m, 25 day battery life, auto sleep monitoring, Smart Wake-up alarm, 30 sport workout mode, GPS (phone connected), smart notifications, compatible with Apple Health

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

The Motorola Moto 360 features all the great smartwatch features you’d expect, plus activity tracking capabilities. If you want the time, it just takes a glance at the watch face, which also displays notifications. The look of the Moto 360 is sleek and professional, perfect for wearing to the office and at the gym. The durable Gorilla glass means it’s safe even during “extreme” sports.

For activity tracking, there’s Moto Body that inspires you to be healthier by coaching you to meet your fitness goals. Achieve all your goals, whether exercise tracking through heart rate and GPS, or meditation with the Calm app.

Available colors: black, gold, steel gray

Tracks: steps, calories burned, heart rate, GPS

Notable features: Andoird and iOS compatible, voice commands, 3ATM water-resistant, 60 minute charging, includes 2 bands, 24 hour battery, durable Gorilla glass, hundreds of apps

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

The Versa is a smartwatch made by Fitbit. Because they make some of the best fitness trackers around, you know this is a smartwatch with a fitness focus. In addition to checking the time, you can use the Blaze to track your steps, floors climbed, and your active minutes.

If you’re a runner, it also has PurePulse Heart Rate monitoring, and the ability to connect with GPS on your phone to map your routes and see in-depth stats like pace and duration. It also features a new app called Fitstar, which has on-screen workouts with step-by-step instructions. Blaze basically works like a trainer and a personal health coach.

Blaze features the Smarttrack exercise recognizer and multiple sport modes so you can log activities like running, biking, and cardio while seeing real-time stats on display.

Like most smartwatches, you can customize your bands to match your outfits and also receive call, text, and calendar alerts. It features music control for your smartphone (volume, play, pause, switch songs). It’s great for bedtime because it also features sleep tracking and silent alarms.

Available colors: Black, Soft Gold (plus endless band options)

Tracks: Steps, Distance, Calories, Workouts, Sleep (duration and stages), Heart Rate, Reproductive Cycle, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

Notable features: Interchangeable Bands, Waterproof, Plays Music, Runs Apps, Weather, Smart Notifications (Calls & Texts), 6+ Day Rechargeable Batteries, Personal Coaching, Move Reminders, Guided Breathing, PurePulse Wrist Based Heart Rate Tracking, On Screen Workouts, 20+ Exercise Modes, Built in GPS, Fitbit Pay, Clock Face Options, Amazon Alexa built-in

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the hottest smartwatches on the market right now and is a must buy for iPhone users. A lot of people forget it is also a fitness watch as it has advanced activity, step, and heart rate monitoring features. It’s also fully customizable with different sizes, colors, and a number of different bands to create the perfect look for any outfit.

The smartwatch factor is off the charts with the Apple Watch. It tells time, with many different customizable watch faces, but also counts your steps. The fitness tracking includes move and exercise goals and also a Workout App to track specific types of exercises. Move reminders make sure you stand every hour and customized activity goals help you reach weight loss and health goals.

You can purchase the Apple Watch as a GPS only model that needs to be paired with your phone or buy a GPS and Cellular model where you can use your watch anywhere and leave your phone at home. That includes exercise tracking, making phonecalls, or doing tons of other tasks via the endless number of apps available.

Available colors: aluminum case (space gray, silver aluminum, gold aluminum, rose gold aluminum) or stainless steel case (stainless steel or space black stainless steel)

Tracks: steps, heart rate, exercise, stand hours, sleep, ECG, blood oxygen, and so much more

Notable features: 18 hour battery life, Retina display with Force Touch, 50m swimproof, swappable bands, call, text, and other iPhone notifications, App store, fall detections

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Ladies Stylish Exercise and Workout Bracelet and Jewelry

Best Fitness Trackers that Look Like Jewelry 2024

Ladies Stylish Exercise and Workout Bracelets & Jewelry

So you want to track your steps and exercise, but you’re not interested in a utilitarian looking fitness band, sports watch, or gaudy pedometer. As activity trackers become more popular there are newer, more fashionable options available for women or men who want something nicer looking. There are many workout bracelets that make an attractive accessory as well.

With these fashionable fitness bands, you can keep track of your health at work, parties, or just out on the town. You’re also not limited to workout bracelets or wristbands. There are necklaces and clips as well. A lot of these exercise bracelets and watches work for both men and women. Check them out below and see if you can find a tracker to match your style.

Tracker Jewelry Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for tracker jewelry and stylish fitness trackers. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

Fitbit Luxe
4.5 Star RatingWaterproof, sleep tracking, silent alarm, auto exercise tracking, 5 day battery
Withings Activite Pop
3.5 Star RatingWaterproof, Traditional Watch, Step Counter, Sleep Tracker, 8 Month Battery, Auto Run Detection
Bellabeat LEAF
3.5 Star RatingSleep Tracking, Smart Alarm, Breath Tracking, Period Tracking, 6 Month Battery
Apple Watch
5 Star RatingFull Feature Smart Watch, 18 Hour Battery, Interchangeable Bands

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Best Workout Bracelets & Tracker Jewelry

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition

Fitbits are some of the hottest fitness trackers around and now they have a model that is perfect if you’re looking for a stylish fitness tracker. While the normal Luxe band is a nice but typical fitness tracker, the special edition version comes with a gold stainless steel bracelet from gorjana. This band is perfect for dressing up your tracker for the office or special events.

In addition to being a versatile fashion piece, the Luxe is also a fully robust tracker. This activity tracker provides all the basics you’d expect like step tracking, but thanks to the Fitbit app, you get so much more. SmartTrack recognizes and automatically tracks a variety of workout types in the app. You can also receive text and call notifications through a vibration. The accurate and automatic sleep tracking also means this is a great 24/7 tracker to really help give you the data you need for all facets of your life. This is one of the best options if you want the best of both worlds: an attractive jewelry piece you can customize to any outfit and an accurate and sporty fitness tracker for a variety of exercise types.

Available colors: gold, black/graphite, lunar white/soft gold stainless steel, orchid/platinum stainless steel (and interchangeable wrist bands)

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, SpO2 (oxygen saturation), SmartTrack exercise modes, Stress Management Score, breathing rate (sleep), skin temperature (sleep)

Notable features: 5 day battery life, always-on color display, smartphone notifications, Do Not Disturb mode, Silent Alarms, timer and stopwatch, Daily Readiness score, call & text notifications, GPS via phone, menstrual cycle tracking, Active Zone Minutes, 50m water resistance, Guided Breathing app

Fashionable Design
Fully color always on display

Must pair to phone for GPS
No downloadable apps

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Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that actually looks like a traditional watch, the Withings Activite line will suit you. This is a well-rounded fitness watch that’s meant to track steps and sleep. It has automatic run detection, so it’s perfect for runners who want a discrete fitness tracker.

The watch face tells time and also features a dial tracker to show you how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal. Sync with your smartphone to get detailed data on running or walking distance, and sleep data. It’s also waterproof so you can wear it while you swim or shower without damage.

Available colors: black, sand, azure, pink (customizable with additional wristbands)

Tracks: steps, distance, running, calories burned, sleep cycle, steps taken

Notable features: silent alarm, sleep cycle analysis, 8 month battery life, automatic run detection, water resistant to 150 feet

Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker

Made specifically for women, the LEAF tracker has some awesome features you don’t usually see in activity trackers. Sure it tracks your activity and your sleep, but it also monitors your breathing. Using guided breathing exercises, the leaf helps you relieve stress and fall asleep easier. It also tracks your monthly cycle and reproductive health.

Use the smart alarm to wake you in the morning or as a reminder to take your birth control pill. To make this tracker even better, LEAF is a gorgeous clip-on device that looks like a leaf and has the appearance of fine jewelry with wooden housing instead of cheap plastic found on most trackers. Buy optional accessories to wear it as a bracelet or a necklace.

Available colors: blackwood/rose gold, white/silver

Tracks: activity, breathing, sleep, period and ovulation, calories burned

Notable features: smart alarm, tracks breathing to relieve stress, sleep tracking, LEAF app, 6 month battery life

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the hottest smartwatches on the market right now. A lot of people forget it is also a fitness watch as it has advanced activity, step, and heart rate monitoring features. It’s also fully customizable with different sizes, colors, and a number of different bands to create the perfect look for any outfit.

The smartwatch factor is off the charts with the Apple Watch. We’re only going to focus on the fitness and health apps (because there are hundreds more), but it comes with a few that rival other fitness bands. The Activity App helps you achieve 3 daily fitness goals: standing, moving, and exercising. The Workout App allows you to track specific types of exercises by utilizing specific sensors based on the workout type you select. Apple also has health apps to track your heart rate and other stats.

Beyond that, the endless apps, and nearly limitless band choices make this a cool and fashionable choice for an activity tracker.

Available colors: Silver, Gold, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, Green, Gold, Graphite, Space Black, Titanium, Red

Tracks: Everything! Heart rate, time standing, steps, calories burned, minutes meditated, blood oxygen level, sleep. Unlimited tracking options via third-party apps

Notable features: Waterproof, GPS, Cellular Option, Always on Display, 100s of custom bands, Customizable Watch Faces, Move Reminders, Exercise Tracking, Guided Meditations, iOS Apps, Wrist Based Heart Rate, ECG, Emergency SOS, Automatic Workout Detection, listen to music via Bluetooth

Choice of GPS or Cellular
Tracks a Variety of Exercises
Closing Rings a Great Motivation for Weight Loss
100s of Apps

Higher Price Tag Compared to Other Trackers
Must Have iPhone to Use
High Tech Screen Can Shatter with Direct Impact

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Waterproof Fitness Watch for Swimmers

Waterproof Fitness Watches for Swimmers

Waterproof Fitness Watch for Swimmers

There are a lot of fitness options for swimmers these days, with more and more waterproof fitness trackers coming out. But many people don’t like the minimalist, futuristic, or utilitarian look of many fitness bands. If you’re a traditionalist who is used to wearing a wristwatch or you just like the convenience of seeing the time and your current stats on the tracker without syncing to your smartphone, you should consider buying a waterproof fitness watch for swimming.

If you’re a swimmer who needs to track laps and swim times, you definitely need to buy a waterproof watch that’s safe to go in the pool or the ocean. If you do watersports like surfing, you’ll want a waterproof fitness tracker as well. It’s also worth considering a waterproof tracker if you want to be able to go from gym to shower or wash dishes with your tracker on and not worry about destroying it.

Here are a few waterproof fitness watches that are perfect for swimmers.

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Waterproof Sports Watch Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Waterproof Sports Watch
Whether you swim in a pool or the open water of a river, lake, or ocean, the Swimovate PoolMate2 has all the features you need to track your workout. It tracks laps, counts strokes, and also measures your efficieny and calculated calories burned. This is a simple and easy to use waterproof fitness watch that has the features you need and no extra fluff.

This newer model not only boasts the open water tracking but also double the battery life of the original PoolMate. The only downside is this fitness watch is made specifically for swimmers, so it won’t track other activities like running or cycling.

Available colors: black, blue, gray, purple

Tracks: laps, strokes per lap, speed, rest time, calories, distance (yards or meters), speed, efficiency

Notable features: open water mode with a stroke pedometer, waterproof to 50 meters, 12 or 24 hour clock, alarm, A99 set chrono mode for timing out of the water, stopwatch, backlight

Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch and Activity Tracker

If you’re looking for a waterproof fitness watch that is also an activity tracker, you should consider the Alpha 2. This sport watch is rechargeable and syncs with the Mio Go App to track your workouts and your heart rate, and full customize your watch. The display also gives you all the info you need about your workout, heartrate, and time without needing to sync.

This band tracks your heart rate without an additional chest strap, so you can get all the data you need whether you’re cycling, swimming, or running. It’s waterproof up to 30 meters so you can take it in the pool or in the ocean to surf. This is a good all-around sports watch for fitness buffs who workout in the water and on land.

Available colors: black, black/yellow, black/punch (pink)

Tracks: steps, calories, distance, pace, heart rate

Notable features: water resistant to 30 meters, Bluetooth connectivity to sync to iPhone or Android, holds up to 25 hours of workout data

Garmin Waterproof Swim Watch
Garmin Waterproof Swim Watch
If you want a swimming focused fitness watch that is waterproof but also allows for app syncing, consider the Garmin Swim Watch. This easy to use watch is ready to go as soon as you open the box. All you have to do is swim and Garmin does the rest, auto detecting your swim stroke and tracking length, strokes, distance, and pace. It can also be used to log drills and timed intervals. You can upload your data to Garmin Connect to view detailed metrics and track progress over time.

The Garmin Swim Watch is specifically designed for pool use, so if you need an open water watch, you should buy the Swimovate PoolMate2. It also only features tracking for swimming, so if you have other exercise types you’d like to track, you’ll need a more well-rounded activity tracking watch like the Garmin Fenix 3.

Available colors: Black/blue

Tracks: swim distance, pace, stroke count, pool lengths

Notable features: 12 month battery life, 12 or 24 hour time, daily alarm, logs drills, stopwatch

Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch
Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch
If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that actually looks like a traditional watch, the Withings Activite line will suit you. This is a well-rounded fitness watch that’s meant to track steps and sleep. It has automatic run detection, so it’s perfect for runners who want a discrete fitness tracker. The watch face tells time and also features a dial tracker to show you how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal. Sync with your smartphone to get detail data on distance walked or runner, and sleep data.

The only downside is the Activite Pop does not have specific swim tracking capabilities, even though it’s waterproof up to 150 feet. This watch is more for people who want a general waterproof fitness watch and not for swimmers.

Available colors: black, sand, azure, pink (customizable with additional wristbands)

Tracks: steps, distance, running, calories burned, sleep cycle, steps taken

Notable features: silent alarm, sleep cycle analysis, 8 month battery life, automatic run detection, water resistant to 150 feet

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch
Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch
If you want a lot of features in your waterproof fitness watch, the Garmin Fenix 3 may be the perfect model for you. This multisport GPS watch goes with you wherever you go–water, running, the gym–it will track and coach you through everything. Use the preset sport profiles for accurate fitness tracking and GPS to track distance and navigate outdoors. This watch is rugged too, featuring stainless steel buttons and reinforced housing to stand up to whatever comes your way.

It also uses the same technology as Garmin Swim Watch to track all your swimming stats and laps. The Fenix 3 is also a smartwatch, allowing for customized apps, widgets, watch faces, and more. This is a pricey fitness watch, but the fact that it is waterproof and track almost every fitness activity you can think of makes it worth the investment if you’re serious about exercise and outdoor sports. This watch is perfect for runners, swimmers, and bike riders. (If you want heart rate tracking built into the band, check out the Garmin Fenix 3 HR)

Available colors: gray/black band, silver/red band, sapphire/metal band, rose gold/white band, silver/leather band

Tracks: distance, running dynamics, swimming (distance, pace, stroke count), skiing/snow boarding (speed, distance, vertical drop), and so much more

Notable features: GPS, Swim profile. waterproof up to 100 meters, optional heart rate monitor strap, smart notifications, weather alert, fitness training, works as a remote for VIRB action cameras