10 Funniest T-Shirts for Runners

10 Funniest T-Shirts for Runners

For some, running is life. Whether you’re a runner or your significant other loves to get up before the sun is up to get in a few miles, one of these hilarious running themed t-shirts will really add some fun to your workout or marathon training. Buy one as a treat for yourself or as a fun gift for Christmas or birthdays.

10 Hilarious T-shirts for Runners

1. 6 Stages of Marathon Running T-shirt

This funny t-shirt is perfect for experienced and training marathoners since it’s so relatable. It goes over the 6 Stages of Marathon Running:
1. Let’s do this!
2. Why am I doing things?
3. Am I dead?
4. I wish I was dead.
5. I’m dead.
6. Can’t wait to RACE again!

Available in five colors in men and women’s sizes.

2. Road Runner Beep Beep T-shirt

This is the perfect shirt for that speedy friend who is always racing past you on the track. It features the classic Road Runner character speeding across the shirt with the “Beep Beep” noise.

Available in nine colors in Men, women, and youth sizes.

3. This is My Happy Hour Runner’s T-shirt

Why drink when true joy comes from running? This tee proclaims “This is my happy hour” with a silhouette of a runner.

Available in women’s sizes Small to XX-Large in 8 different colors.

4. I Run Like the Winded T-shirt

If you’re new to running or just trying to get in shape, you probably relate to this hilarious shirt. It says, “I run like the winded.” Let all the other runners know why you aren’t going that fast!

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in 10 colors.

5. I Love/Hate Running Tank Top

Yes, this is a tank, but it’s so funny I had to include it. The tank has alternative pink and white text that says “I love running. I hate running.” It so wonderfully represents the dichotomy many runners feel about their exercise of choice.

Available in men and women’s sizes in three colors.

6. I Like Running And Maybe Like 3 People Shirt

For those introverts who’d rather get up early for a run than stay out late for a party. This hilarious t-shirt says “I like running and maybe like three people.”

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in five colors.

7. Gump Cross Country Team Shirt

This tee is perfect for movie loving runners. In a reference to the classic movie Forrest Gump and his run across the USA, this shirt says “GUMP Cross Country Team 1976.”

Available in unisex sizes in nine colors.

8. I Run Like a Girl–Try to Keep Up T-shirt

This funny shirt is a feminist twist on the taunt “you run like a girl.” Instead, it empowers women by saying “I run like a girl, try to keep up.”

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in five colors.

9. I Run I’m Slow But I Run Shirt

Running isn’t about being the fastest on the track. This shirt is a funny take on that. It says “I Run. I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter but I run.”

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in five colors.

10. Vintage Sloth Running Team Funny Shirt

Another joke shirt for slow and steady runners. This one says, “Sloth running team: we’ll get there when we get there.” Available in men, women, and youth sizes in five colors.

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Tips to Stay Cool Running in Hot Weather

10 Tips to Stay Cool Running in Hot Weather

Tips to Stay Cool Running in Hot Weather

When Spring comes, it’s a relief from the bitter cold and dark hours that dissuade you from running. Now the weather often lands at the perfect temperature for long outdoor runs. Until the all to brief spring weather is overtaken by summer. Once the temperatures climb, running becomes more difficult and can sometimes be dangerous. But you don’t have to break your running habit when the dog days of summer arrive. Utilize some of these tips so you can stay cool while you get your run in.

How to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Runs

1. Run in the Morning/Evening

This may be a no brainer–but getting up early and running before the sun heats the day up is one of the easiest things to do to defeat hot summer weather. If you’re like me and not a morning person, I push back dinner and run in the evening when the temperatures start to drop again. Use a weather app to track estimated hourly temperatures and plan to take your run at the coolest point of the day.

2. Hydrate!

When it’s hot out, you’re going to sweat more than on a regular run. You need to compensate for this by hydrating regularly. That includes before, during, and after your run. Once your run is done, opt for a sports drink with electrolytes to replenish and hydrate more efficiently than water alone.

If your running trail doesn’t include water fountains, bring your own water with a handheld water bottle or a water belt.

Hydrate when you run in hot weather

3. Wear Cool Gear

What you wear will affect how hot you feel while you run. For hot summer days, opt for light-colored, loose sports gear. The lighter colors will reflect the sun’s heat. When the fabric is loose, it’s easier for sweat to evaporate, which cools you down better than tight, soaked clothes.

Another item you might not consider wearing is a visor. Unlike a hat, the open top of a visor will allow heat to escape from the top of your head while blocking the sun from your face. This not only protects you from UV rays but helps keep your face cool as well.

4. Wear Sunscreen

Since we’re talking about UV rays, don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen before you go out. This not only protects you from sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer, but sunscreen lotion helps your skin and body feel cooler.

Opt for a waterproof, sports formula that will stand up to up to two hours of sweating. Make sure to reapply if you towel off.

5. Don’t Push It

If running in hot weather is unavoidable, don’t push yourself too hard. This is especially important on those days with sudden heat spikes. Slow down your pace and you can still get some exercise without overworking and overheating your body.

6. Run in the Shade

It’s often 10 degrees cooler in the shade and you can use that to your advantage by finding a running trail in the shade. Look for hiking trails and other running routes in shady wooded areas. If that’s not an option, running near a large body of water like a lake or the ocean will give you cooler temperatures and often a nice breeze.

Beat the Heat: Run in the Shade

7. Lower Your Body Temperature

If you start your run with a lower body temperature it will take your body longer to heat up. You can do this by using a technique called “pre-cooling.” An easy way to do this is to consume something very cold like a slushy or jump into a pool or a cold shower. You can also try wearing an ice vest to keep your temperature down throughout the run.

Once you’re ready to go, make sure you do your warm-up and your cool-down outside. This will help you avoid any temperature shock before or after your run.

8. Cool Your Neck

Since blood flows close to the surface of the skin on your neck, you can easily lower your core body temperature by strategically cooling your head and neck. A damp handkerchief around the neck is an easy, low-cost solution. You can also use ice cubes or some other freezable pack. Wear it on your neck while you run and you’ll feel much cooler.

9. Watch out for Humidity

While you’re monitoring the climbing temperatures, make sure you also pay attention to the forecasted humidity. When it’s very humid out, the air feels hotter. It also makes you feel hotter since sweat can’t evaporate from your skin and cool your body properly. If temperature and humidity readings are high, you’re going to feel miserable. Try to schedule your run when both are low.

10. Choose a Different Exercise

If the temperatures are really high with heat index warnings, just accept that it’s in your best interest not to run that day. Go for a swim in the pool instead or head to the gym to run on a treadmill in the AC. Choosing a different activity for sweltering days is the best choice for your health and well being.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a water belt or a hand held water bottle. Once you achieve your running goals, get yourself a running gift.

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10 Tips to Stay Cool Running in Hot Weather

Fabulous Gifts for Runners

20 Fabulous Gifts for Runners

Fabulous Gifts for Runners

Running is more than just a way to exercise–it’s a way of life. Whether the loved one you’re shopping for just enjoys a daily jog or is training for their next marathon, there’s plenty of fitness-themed gifts to help them with their goals. From fun and creative gifts to practical gifts that will help them best their mile time, these gifts for runners are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and any other gift-giving occasion. Check out our gift ideas below.

Best Gifts for Runners

Bluetooth Running Headphones

Help your runner stay motivated and avoid boredom. With these Bluetooth headphones, they can listen to their marathon playlist or their favorite podcast during their daily run. These earbuds are completely wireless and sweatproof. They also feature on-ear controls so you can make calls while you run. Comfortable and lightweight, it’s like they’re not even there.

The Runner’s World Cookbook

If your runner is a foodie or maybe looking for more ways to eat healthy at home, this is the perfect gift for them. The Runner’s World Cookbook features 150 recipes developed especially for runners. These dishes focus on providing the fuel runners need to perform at their best while also staying slim and healthy. This is great if you’re looking for practical gifts for runners that go beyond the obvious running gear.

Garmin Forerunner 935 with GPS

Runners love to track their stats as they improve their runtimes and meet distance goals. This Garmin Forerunner 935 is an excellent tracker for runners. It provides advanced dynamics for running, cycling, and swimming and gives data on ground contact, time balance, and stride length. This model also has wrist-based heart rate monitoring and GPS to track outdoor runs. If the runner you’re shopping for doesn’t already have a tracker, this is a great choice.

Check out more fitness trackers for runners.

Love Running Stacked Bracelet

Love Running Stacked Bracelet Gifts for Runners

Stacked bracelets are very trendy right now and this one is perfect for the runner in your life. With five bracelets made from genuine leather, and three charms: “LOVE,” “RUNNING,” and a sneaker dangle. This bracelet is fashionable and fun, perfect to wear to the office or on their daily run.

Available in 17 different color options.

PR SOLES Recovery Sandals

Running is hard on the feet, this gift is a way to give a little relief. These recovery sandals are designed to help heal sore and tired feet and are meant to be worn before or after a run. The Acupoint soles activate nerve endings in the foot to massage the tissue and improve circulation. Just slip them on and tired feet, legs, and back will soon feel better. This is one of the gifts for runners that can be appreciated by anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

Runner’s Wine Glass

This is the perfect present for those runners who appreciate a good glass of wine to celebrate hitting their daily running goal. This wine glass has measurements engraved on the side. Instead of marking off ounces or milliliters, it measures off run lengths, including 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. This is a fun gift for any runner.

Made in the USA. Available with or without a stem. Also comes as a beer pint glass.

World’s Okayest Runner Tank Top

World's Okayest Runner Tank Top

This is the perfect gift for that reluctant runner who enjoys a nice jog but isn’t into marathon training. This tank top proclaims “World’s Okayest Runner.” This a fun gift, perfect for Secret Santa or to tease the runner in your life.

Available in fit or flowy tanks in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Runner’s Daily Desk Calendar

Give a year of inspiration with this desk calendar. Most gifts for runners focus on the physical task of running, but a lot of the challenge of being a consistent runner is mental. You need to keep going each day, even running in cold weather or the rain or when you don’t feel that great. This Run 365 Desk Calendar is a great way to deliver daily motivation, with inspirational quotes and beautiful images. Plus you can track your progress each day as you tear them off.

Trainer Tags

Trainer Tags Gifts for Runners

This is another gift that’s great to deliver inspiration and motivation for runners. These trainer tags are meant to go on your shoelaces. It’s like jewelry for your sneakers. This pair says “She believed she could..” and “..So she did.” This is a cute gift to give to any woman who loves to run.

Running Belt

This money belt is perfect for all occasions, but it’s especially good for runners. Often your running gear doesn’t have pockets to store all the essentials like your keys, ID, or cell phone. This hip belt solves that. It easily buckles onto your waist and you can slip all of your essentials inside and have your hands free to run. This is a great gift for runners that will revolutionize their workout.

Best Runner In The Galaxy Mug

Best Runner In The Galaxy Mug

Is the runner you’re shopping for a Star Wars fan? Then this is the perfect gift for them. This 11 oz. ceramic mug has text in the famous Star Wars font that says “Best Runner in the Galaxy.” This is great for enjoying hot drinks at the office or around the house. Plus it’s dishwasher safe.

Include some of their favorite tea or coffee to create a gift they’ll really appreciate.

Hand Held Runner’s Bottle

While a mug is a great gift, it’s not practical for running. But this water bottle from SLS3 is great to stay hydrated during outdoor runs. This 10 oz. bottle is ergonomically shaped and comes with a strap to keep it easily in hand. It also includes a pocket to store essentials like keys or credit cards. This is a great gift for runners that is perfectly sized to be a stocking stuffer.

Check out more handheld water bottles for running.

Running Because It’s Cheaper Than Therapy Tote Bag

Tote bags are an essential gift because they can be used for anything from lugging gym gear to carrying groceries. This tote bag is perfect if you’re putting together a runner gift bag or as a nice gag gift they’ll get some use out of.

Gordini Stash Lite Touch Running Mitts

Finding the motivation to run can be tricky, especially after the weather turns colder. While running indoors on a treadmill is an option, some runners prefer to keep up their outdoor routine. To help them stay toasty warm while they run, give them a set of running mitts. These mittens from Gordini are a perfect choice. They feature Insilk insulation to keep hands warm and a hydrowick lining for breathability. The fingertips are also touchscreen compatible so they can still use their smartphone as they run. These gloves make a great holiday gift.

Check out more running mitts or these touchscreen running gloves.

New York Marathon Personalized Running Map

New York Marathon Personalized Running Map Gifts for Runners

This is a great gift to memorialize a great achievement. If your giftee has run the New York Marathon, you can have this map personalized with their name, the date, and their marathon time. Perfect for framing, this is a great gift to honor their hard work and reaching their goal.

Runner Medal and Bib Display

This is a great gift for any runner who loves marathons. This handpainted sign says “Races” at the top and includes two clips to hold marathon bibs and 9 hooks to hold medals. This is great to display anywhere in the home with 12 different color options to match any decor.

Hands-Free Dog Leash for Runners

This is the perfect gift for the dog-loving runner in your life. There’s nothing better than a nice jog with their favorite pooch, but holding a leash while running can be difficult and inconvenient. This hands-free dog leash is a great alternative. It affixes around the runner’s waist and had a bungee leash that expands to give extra space while you run.

Inspirational Athletic Running Socks

Socks are a cliche gift for runners, but these pairs take it to the next level. Coming in a set of three pairs, each sock features inspirational phrases on the sole like “You are awesome” and “Never Never Give Up.” There’s a variety of color options and messages to choose from for general motivation or specific motivation for marathoners.

Trigger Point Mini Grid Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are an essential self-care tool for runners. But most runners do not have one of these. This mini foam roller from Trigger Point Performance provides the same benefits as a full-size foam roller in a compact and portable version. This is great for tossing in a gym bag or a suitcase to use anywhere they want to get a run in.

remodeez Footwear Deoderizer

Any runner knows that their favorite sneakers can get a little smelly after a lot of use. These deodorizers are a great option to get rid of the stink. They’re made with activated charcoal which eliminates odor and absorbs moisture. With no toxic chemicals, they’re a great natural option to deal with moisture and odor.

Still seraching for the perfect gift? Check out gifts for fitness lovers and health nuts.

Check out the best fitness trackers for runners.

Gordini Stash Lite Touch Mitts

The Best Running Mittens to Keep Hands Warm

The Best Running Mittens to Keep Hands Warm

If you like to run outdoors and you live in a climate where winters are cold, you know the challenge of keeping your hands and fingers warm. Even when your blood is pumping in the middle of a good run, your extremities can still get cold when the outside air is chilly. Many people utilize running gloves to help protect their hands. While that may work for fall and warmer winter weather, when the temperature really drops your fingers can easily get cold and go numb on long runs. The natural solution to this problem is by wearing a pair of running mittens.

I know–a lot of people who haven’t worn mittens since their age reached double digits think, aren’t mittens for kids? No! In fact, mittens are the perfect solution to keep your hands warm during most cold-weather activities. By keeping your fingers together, mittens help trap your body heat to keep your hands warmer. Since there’s less fabric around your fingers, they also have less evaporative heat loss. They can also be layered with running gloves underneath to keep your hands even warmer when the temperatures are absolutely freezing.

While you could technically just wear any old pair of mittens while you run, if you’re looking for running mittens exclusively there are a few pairs you should consider. Made specifically for runners, they usually feature windbreaking fabric as well as sweat-wicking inner layers that help meet the needs of runners. We’ve gone through all the options and found the best running mittens available for your cold-weather running this season.

5 Best Running Mittens

Saucony Unisex Run Mitt

Saucony is well known for their running shoes and apparel, so it’s a natural fit that they make great running mittens. These run mitts are the perfect defense against freezing air, cold wind, and water. Made from polyester, the exterior is wind and waterproof, with fully taped scenes to keep the weather out. The lining is made of soft fleece which is super comfortable and helps wick away moisture while trapping your own body heat.

In addition to being warm and comfortable, these mittens include features made especially for runners. Fleece nose wipes on the thumb help combat runny noses. The striped pattern on the back of the mittens is reflective for greater visibility during early morning and evening runs. For more convenience, these mitts feature an extended cuff to keep your wrists warm and help with layering. They also include magnetic fasteners to keep your gloves together when you’re not wearing them. Made in a unisex design in two sizes, these are great running mittens for men or women.

Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large

Carhartt Waterproof Mittens for Runners

Now these gloves are not made specifically for runners, but they have a lot of the features runners need, plus the quality you’d expect from Carhartt. Made for workers, they’re really built well to deal with sweat. The mitt’s lining features Carhartt’s FastDry technology which wicks away sweat so your hands don’t only stay warm but dry as well. The outer shell is waterproof to protect your hands against any wintry weather.

The fleece cuff features a wrist strap closure to keep these runners mittens securely on while you jog. The Carhartt logo on the back of the hand also doubles as a sweat or nose wipe. These gloves are advertised for men, but since they come in a variety of sizes and have a neutral design, they work great for women as well. They’re also a good option if you’re looking for mittens that will work for other sports like skiing. Handwash only.

Available colors: black, brown/black

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Gordini Stash Lite Touch Mitts

If you’re looking for a lightweight glove that will keep your fingers toasty warm while you run, the Lite Touch Mitts from Gordini is an excellent choice. The lightweight ripstop shell keeps your hands warm with the Insilk insulation, which features a hydrowick lining for breathability. These are a great alternative to fleece gloves if you find those make your hands too hot and sweaty. These mitts are also super easy to store, they fit into the STUFF pocket on the cuffs making them pocket-sized.

These gloves are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. You’ll be ok running in the rain or snow, but they probably won’t do the job if you’re playing in the snow. The big bonus with these running mittens is that they’re touch screen compatible, which means you can use your phone or your touch screen running tracker without taking them off. The silicon grip palm helps you keep a good grip on your phone or your water bottle. Comes and men’s and women’s sizes.

Available colors: charcoal gray, black, neptune blue, rouge (women’s only), nightlife (men’s only)

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (men’s only)

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Mitts

This is another warm and waterproof mitten set built for skiing, but perfect for running. Made for men and women, Outdoor Research built these gloves to keep hands warm and dry during a day on the slopes, so they’re more than enough to keep you warm during your daily jog. The waterproof nylon shell is also windproof. The cuff features a cinch gauntlet closure so your gloves stay on and stay warm.

If you’re running in extra cold weather, these running mittens give you enough room to add some hot hands or a glove liner for extra warmth. Since these are gloves meant for active folks, they’re great for running, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Available colors: black

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Trailheads Convertible Runner Mittens

Not ready to fully commit to wearing mittens or looking for the best of both worlds? These running gloves that easily convert to mittens when you need extra warmth. The mitt top easily stuffs away in a hidden pocket so this pair can be comfortably worn as gloves. The mitt covering is wind and water-resistant for when the weather turns cold and nasty. The interior glove lining wicks away sweat to keep your hands warm and dry.

Some bonus features of these gloves include touchscreen compatible fabrics on the thumb and forefinger and magnetic fasteners to keep your gloves together when you’re not wearing them. The extended cuff keeps your wrists warm and makes layering with glove liners easy.

Available colors: black, black/coral

Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Need to stay connect when you run? Check out these touchscreen running gloves. If you have a hard time using your phone while wearing gloves, consider these convertible texting mittens.

Need more running gear? Keep hydrated with a water belt for runners or a hand held water bottle. Keep track of your running with a fitness tracker for runners.

Fuelbelt R3O Revenge Hydration Belt for Runners

Best Hydration Water Belt for Running

Best Hydration Water Belt for Running

If you run outdoors for long distances, you’re probably interested in a water belt for running. Sometimes called hydration belts, these items are similar to runner belts with pockets and straps but with the bonus feature of water storage. Some people describe them as a waist pack with a water bottle holder. You need to stay hydrated when you run, especially in hot weather. If you don’t like using a handheld water bottle, then a water belt is a great solution.

Hydration belts keep water close at hand while also carrying other essentials like your smartphone, keys, or ID. When shopping for a runner’s water belt, you should consider water capacity, fit, style, and also storage availability. We’ve rounded up five of the best hydration belts below.

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Best Water Belt for Running

Camden Gear Hydration Running Belt

Camden Gear Hydration Running BeltThis hydration belt from Camden Gear is perfect for runners. It comes with 2 leak proof 12 oz. water bottles to keep you refreshed and hydrated while running. It’s adjustable up to a 47″ waist with an easy to use velcro strap that helps it sit perfectly on your waist. Silver reflectors are stitched to the belt, keeping you visible when running in low light situations.

If you’re looking for storage, this water belt has it. There’s a large pocket that will fit most larger smartphones, including iPhones 6+ and the Samsung Galaxy S5, with plenty of space left over for your keys, credit cards, or ID. If you use gel packs while you run, the 4 elastic straps keep them easily at hand.

Available colors: black

Amount of Water: 24 oz. total (two 12 oz. bottles)

Size: up to 47″

Fuelbelt R3O Revenge Hydration Belt

Fuelbelt R3O Revenge Hydration Belt for RunnersIf you’re looking for a vibrant and fun hydration belt, check out R30 Revenge from Fuelbelt. This water belt for running comes in traditional black, but 3 more bright color combinations. This belt comes with an adjustable waistband to find the perfect fit to prevent bouncing. The water bottle holster design makes it easy to access the three 7 oz. bottles while running so you don’t miss a step.

If you’re looking for extra storage, the belt comes with a removable zipper pouch to store gels, keys, and smaller sized smartphones. With so many colors options and an ingenious design, the R30 Revenge is a great running water bottle belt.

Available colors: black, pink/yellow, royal blue/white, green/blue

Amount of water: 21 oz (three 7 oz. bottles)

Size: adjustable one size

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belts for RunnersNathan has redesigned their Trail Mix Hydration Belt, to be 15% lighter, making it a great contender if you’re looking for a water belt for running. The belt holds two bottles and has lots of extra storage. The belt includes an external stretch mesh pocket and a zippered pocket so you can easily carry your phone, keys, snacks, and more securely on your belt. There’s also two shock cords for securing your running gloves or jacket.

The tension molded bottle holsters make it easy to grab your water bottles and hydrate while you’re running, and also hold them firmly in place so the belt doesn’t jiggle or bounce as you run. The belt is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

Available colors: black, imperial purple, Nathan blue, Andean toucan, sparkling cosmo, gecko green

Amount of water: 20 oz. (two 10 oz. bottles)

Size: 26-44″

Fitletic 16-ounce Hydration Belt

Fitletic 16-ounce Hydration Belt for RunningMany Amazon reviewers say this is the best hydration belt for running. This belt from Fitletic, comes with two quick draw holsters and specially fit 8 oz. water bottles that are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The Fitletic belt features Dura-Comfort Technology which means the belt won’t bounce or chafe as you run.

Wondering about the storage? This upgraded version of the belt features a larger storage pouch, so in addition to your keys and gel packs, you can also fit larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S5. This hydration belt is used by marathoners and Olympians.

Available colors: black, black/green, black/pink, black/purple, black/blue, black/gray, black/red, black/yellow, black/orange, black/lime,

Amount of water: 16 oz. (two 8 oz. bottles)

Size: S/M 24 – 34″, L/XL 35 – 42″

Sunhiker Waist Bag Water Belt

Sunhiker Waist Bag Water Belt
If you’re looking for a more versatile water belt for running, consider this bag from Sunhiker. It can be used for running, hiking, cycling and camping. Wear it comfortable over your shoulder or across your waist for running. The pack is made from waterproof nylon so it’s safe to use in the rain or other outdoor conditions.

The storage pack has two zipper compartments to easily carry your phone, wallet, keys, snacks, and anything else you may need. One thing to note is that a water bottle is not included, but it will comfortably hold your favorite water bottle.

Available colors: red, hot pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple

Size: Adjustable one size

Experts recommend you drink water before you run. Once you’re out pounding the pavement, try drinking three to six ounces of water every 15 minutes. Wearing a runner’s hydration belt makes it easy to consistently drink without slowing your pace. They’re also helpful if you’re running in areas where there are no water fountains available.

Don’t forget after you’re done with your run to continue hydrating! Choose water or sports drinks, but avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice which won’t actually help you hydrate properly. With proper hydration and regular running, you will be healthier and happier.

If you don’t think a hydration water bottle belt will work for you, check out these handheld water bottles for runners. Track your running and progress with one of these fitness trackers for runners.

As well as staying hydrated, check out these tips to stay cool when running in hot summer weather.

Planning to run in cooler weather? Check out these touchscreen running gloves to keep your hands dry and warm.

Best Handheld Water Bottle for Running

Best Handheld Water Bottle for Running

Best Handheld Water Bottle for RunningWhether you’re running long distances or keeping up your regular running routine on a hot summer day, you need to stay hydrated. There are lots of water bottle options available for runners on the market. If you’re looking for a classic and easy way to carry and access your water, you may be interested in a handheld water bottle.

These water bottles are specially designed for runners (and walkers) to be comfortable to hold while you’re running. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can easily find one that works best with your workout.

Reebok Running Water Bottle

If you’re looking for a basic water bottle that’s easy to hold in your hand while you run, try this Reebok running water bottle. It’s very affordable with an ergonomic O shaped design allowing for a comfortable grip while you’re running.

This plastic water bottle is BPA free and has an anti-drip sports lock cap, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking while you run. The bottle is see-through so you can see if you’re running low on water.

Bottle Size: 300 ml

Available colors: white/clear

Fuelbelt Slice Insulated Palm Holder Water Bottle

If you want to keep your water cool while you run, this insulated handheld water bottle from Fueltbelt is perfect. The water bottle comes with a holder made of water-resistant ripstop material and an insulating neoprene sleeve to keep your bottle cold. The holder has a padded strap to keep your hand comfortable and help you keep your grip as you run. There’s also a zipper pocket to hold money, keys, or even your iPhone.

The water bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Bottle Size: 18 oz.

Available colors: black

Nathan Quickdraw Plus Handheld Bottle Carrier

If you’re looking for more color options to match your running gear, check out these handheld bottle carriers from Nathan. Popular among runners, this easy squeeze bottle has a leak free, soft-sip, push-pull cap. It comes in a bottle carrier with an adjustable hand hold so you can get the perfect fit and a thumb hold so you can keep a grip on it as you run.

The water bottle is made of BPA-free plastic.

Bottle Size: 22 oz. (a smaller 9 oz. version is also available)

Available colors: black, imperial purple, Nathan blue, Gecko green, cabaret, blue, teal

Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 10 Hand-Held Bottle

Ultimate Direction put the runner’s comfort in mind when they designed this handheld water bottle. The ergonomically shaped water bottle comes with a hold with a lot of great features. It includes an easy access pocket for storing money or keys. It also has an adjustable hand strap made of Cool Wick Air Mesh, so the bottle is comfortable to wear no matter how sweaty you get.

Bottle Size: 10 oz. bottle (a 20 oz. version is available)

Available colors: acid, black, true blue, teal

Amphipod Hydraform Jett-Lite Thermal HandHeld Hydration

The minimalist design of this handheld water bottle from Amphipod is sleek and modern. The bottle holder is a breathable thermal sleeve that is hand washable. The water bottle has an ergonomic design to prevent hand cramping. The cushioned hand strap is adjustable for a comfortable grip. The holder also features an expandable zippered pocket where you can store your phone or your keys while you run. The Jett-Squeeze cap allows for quick hydration so you aren’t slowed down.

Bottle Size: 20 oz. (a 16 oz. version is also available)

Available colors: gray, hi viz, swift blue, raspberry

Get more information about your run with a fitness tracker for runners. Track distance, calories burned, and time with the perfect activity tracker.

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Waterproof Fitness Watch for Swimmers

Waterproof Fitness Watches for Swimmers

Waterproof Fitness Watch for Swimmers

There are a lot of fitness options for swimmers these days, with more and more waterproof fitness trackers coming out. But many people don’t like the minimalist, futuristic, or utilitarian look of many fitness bands. If you’re a traditionalist who is used to wearing a wristwatch or you just like the convenience of seeing the time and your current stats on the tracker without syncing to your smartphone, you should consider buying a waterproof fitness watch for swimming.

If you’re a swimmer who needs to track laps and swim times, you definitely need to buy a waterproof watch that’s safe to go in the pool or the ocean. If you do watersports like surfing, you’ll want a waterproof fitness tracker as well. It’s also worth considering a waterproof tracker if you want to be able to go from gym to shower or wash dishes with your tracker on and not worry about destroying it.

Here are a few waterproof fitness watches that are perfect for swimmers.

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Waterproof Sports Watch Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Waterproof Sports Watch
Whether you swim in a pool or the open water of a river, lake, or ocean, the Swimovate PoolMate2 has all the features you need to track your workout. It tracks laps, counts strokes, and also measures your efficieny and calculated calories burned. This is a simple and easy to use waterproof fitness watch that has the features you need and no extra fluff.

This newer model not only boasts the open water tracking but also double the battery life of the original PoolMate. The only downside is this fitness watch is made specifically for swimmers, so it won’t track other activities like running or cycling.

Available colors: black, blue, gray, purple

Tracks: laps, strokes per lap, speed, rest time, calories, distance (yards or meters), speed, efficiency

Notable features: open water mode with a stroke pedometer, waterproof to 50 meters, 12 or 24 hour clock, alarm, A99 set chrono mode for timing out of the water, stopwatch, backlight

Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch and Activity Tracker

If you’re looking for a waterproof fitness watch that is also an activity tracker, you should consider the Alpha 2. This sport watch is rechargeable and syncs with the Mio Go App to track your workouts and your heart rate, and full customize your watch. The display also gives you all the info you need about your workout, heartrate, and time without needing to sync.

This band tracks your heart rate without an additional chest strap, so you can get all the data you need whether you’re cycling, swimming, or running. It’s waterproof up to 30 meters so you can take it in the pool or in the ocean to surf. This is a good all-around sports watch for fitness buffs who workout in the water and on land.

Available colors: black, black/yellow, black/punch (pink)

Tracks: steps, calories, distance, pace, heart rate

Notable features: water resistant to 30 meters, Bluetooth connectivity to sync to iPhone or Android, holds up to 25 hours of workout data

Garmin Waterproof Swim Watch
Garmin Waterproof Swim Watch
If you want a swimming focused fitness watch that is waterproof but also allows for app syncing, consider the Garmin Swim Watch. This easy to use watch is ready to go as soon as you open the box. All you have to do is swim and Garmin does the rest, auto detecting your swim stroke and tracking length, strokes, distance, and pace. It can also be used to log drills and timed intervals. You can upload your data to Garmin Connect to view detailed metrics and track progress over time.

The Garmin Swim Watch is specifically designed for pool use, so if you need an open water watch, you should buy the Swimovate PoolMate2. It also only features tracking for swimming, so if you have other exercise types you’d like to track, you’ll need a more well-rounded activity tracking watch like the Garmin Fenix 3.

Available colors: Black/blue

Tracks: swim distance, pace, stroke count, pool lengths

Notable features: 12 month battery life, 12 or 24 hour time, daily alarm, logs drills, stopwatch

Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch
Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch
If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that actually looks like a traditional watch, the Withings Activite line will suit you. This is a well-rounded fitness watch that’s meant to track steps and sleep. It has automatic run detection, so it’s perfect for runners who want a discrete fitness tracker. The watch face tells time and also features a dial tracker to show you how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal. Sync with your smartphone to get detail data on distance walked or runner, and sleep data.

The only downside is the Activite Pop does not have specific swim tracking capabilities, even though it’s waterproof up to 150 feet. This watch is more for people who want a general waterproof fitness watch and not for swimmers.

Available colors: black, sand, azure, pink (customizable with additional wristbands)

Tracks: steps, distance, running, calories burned, sleep cycle, steps taken

Notable features: silent alarm, sleep cycle analysis, 8 month battery life, automatic run detection, water resistant to 150 feet

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch
Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch
If you want a lot of features in your waterproof fitness watch, the Garmin Fenix 3 may be the perfect model for you. This multisport GPS watch goes with you wherever you go–water, running, the gym–it will track and coach you through everything. Use the preset sport profiles for accurate fitness tracking and GPS to track distance and navigate outdoors. This watch is rugged too, featuring stainless steel buttons and reinforced housing to stand up to whatever comes your way.

It also uses the same technology as Garmin Swim Watch to track all your swimming stats and laps. The Fenix 3 is also a smartwatch, allowing for customized apps, widgets, watch faces, and more. This is a pricey fitness watch, but the fact that it is waterproof and track almost every fitness activity you can think of makes it worth the investment if you’re serious about exercise and outdoor sports. This watch is perfect for runners, swimmers, and bike riders. (If you want heart rate tracking built into the band, check out the Garmin Fenix 3 HR)

Available colors: gray/black band, silver/red band, sapphire/metal band, rose gold/white band, silver/leather band

Tracks: distance, running dynamics, swimming (distance, pace, stroke count), skiing/snow boarding (speed, distance, vertical drop), and so much more

Notable features: GPS, Swim profile. waterproof up to 100 meters, optional heart rate monitor strap, smart notifications, weather alert, fitness training, works as a remote for VIRB action cameras

Water Resistant Fitness Activity Tracker


When people start researching activity trackers, many wonder if they should buy a water resistant fitness tracker. Considering you’ll be buying a wristband that you’ll wear 24/7, it’s a good idea to pay attention to this feature. The kind of exercise and other activities you do on a daily basis will determine if you need a water resistant fitness band.

Most activity trackers and fitness trackers on the market these days are water resistant. That means you can sweat on them and wear them in the rain without issue. Some you can even shower or wash your hands while wearing them and the tracker will be just fine.

If you’re a swimmer or plan to wear your fitness tracker while you surf or do other water sports, you don’t want a water resistant activity tracker. Instead you need a waterproof fitness band for swimming or a waterproof fitness watch. Many people don’t realize there is a difference between water resistant and waterproof trackers, and you need to pay attention to this when you decide what fitness tracker or pedometer to buy. (Read more about the difference between water resistant and waterproof activity trackers.)

If you’re just looking for a fitness tracker you can wear without shorting it out from a little moisture, you can save money and have more options to find the right tracker for you. Here are some water resistant trackers to consider:

Water Resistant Fitness Trackers

Nike+ GPS Sportwatch Nike+ GPS Sportwatch
Using TomTom GPS, the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch is an awesome tracker for runners. It combines the GPS tracking with an optional shoe sensor for one of the most accurate step counts runners can find with a wristband tracker.

It’s a water resistant fitness tracker so you’re fine if you go for a run in the rain, but it’s not waterproof so don’t jump in the pool with it.

Available colors: black, white, anthracite/blue glow, black/red, black/volt, volt/black, white/sport turquoise

Tracks: time, distance, pace, speed, calories burned

Notable features: Nike+ Challenges to motivate yourself, custom training programs, alarm, stopwatch, Track BPM heart rate with optional HRM sensor, optional shoe sensor

Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex Water Resistant Fitness TrackerThis comfortable and easy to wear activity tracker sacrifices the LCD display of more gaudy pedometer-like bands for LED lights that show you your progress toward the day’s step goals. You have the Fitbit app to easily track your steps, activity, and sleep on your smartphone or tablet.

The big difference with the Flex is that the band is fully customizable with a ton of different bands to personalize your Fitbit or match any occasion. Track your activity without sacrificing on style. It’s water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain damaging your tracker, but don’t wear it in the shower or the pool!

Available colors: black, slate, tangerine, blue, pink, red, teal

Tracks: steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, sleep quality, and quantity

Notable features: silent alarm, swappable wristband, automatic sleep monitoring, 5-day rechargeable battery, syncs wirelessly to computers and smartphones, water resistant

Fitbit Charge 5 Waterproof Trackers

If you want to hit the pool with a new Fitbit, the Charge is a great option with its water resistance up to 50 meters. You’re safe at the beach, in the showers, or just taking a run in the rain. It also has built-in GPS tracking, so it’s great for runners to track their training. Active folks who like to vary their workouts will appreciate that the band tracks
swimming, biking, and weights as well as gym workouts. SmartTrack automatically recognizes the activity and records the workout for you. The OLED tap display makes it easy to see real-time stats while you’re exercising and get your workout results without syncing to your smartphone.
Other great features include tracking floors climbed, on wrist payments through Fitbit pay, and the ability to store and play music from Spotify, Deezer, or Pandora.

The Charge also has 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring. It tracks your heart rate throughout the day to track your calories burned and also gives you a Cardio Fitness Score to help you improve your fitness level over time. Get even more info on your heart health with the on wrist ECG app. Thanks to the EDA scan app, your exercise tracker will also notice when your heart rate is elevated due to stress and lead you through a guided breathing exercise to help calm your mind and body.

In addition to all those fabulous features, the Fitbit Charge has many of the features longtime Fitbit users love like move reminders, smartphone notifications, wireless syncing to smartphones or computers, and interchangeable bands.

Available colors: Black/graphite stainless steel, lunar white/soft gold stainless steel, steel blue, platinum stainless steel (plus endless band options)

Tracks: steps, heart rate, GPS, distance, calories burned, active minutes, floors climbed, stationary time, auto sleep tracking

Notable features: interchangeable bands, PurePulse wrist-based heart rate, Cardio Fitness Score, silent alarms & auto sleep tracking, 7-day battery life, multi-sport modes, move reminders, SmartTrack auto activity tracking, OLED touchscreen with on-screen stats, guided breathing prompts based on heart rate, smartphone notifications, swimproof

GPS means you can leave your phone at home
Store music for your run
7 day battery life

No apps or smartwatch functionality

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is a fitness tracker that is very popular among runners. It’s water resistant and boasts a battery life of one-year, so this is a low maintenance tracker. This fitness band features a digital display of your step count and the current time. Use the personalized daily goals and the “Time to Move” reminders to live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals.

It can connect to an optional heart rate monitor chest strap to capture your heart rate, which automatically syncs with your smartphone.

The first Vivofit is only a water resistant fitness tracker. If you’re looking for a waterproof version, check out the Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker, which is perfect for swimmers.

Available colors: black, blue, purple, slate, green

Tracks: steps, calories, sleep

Notable features: Year-long battery life, water-resistant, displays stats and time on band, Move Bar records idle time and inspires you to move, sets daily goals, optional heart rate strap

6 Best Fitness Trackers for Runners 2024

The 6 Best Fitness Trackers for Runners
Runners often find wrist-worn fitness activity trackers to be a useful gadget because of how light and easy to use they are on a run. Fitness trackers for running typically track the number of steps taken, distance traveled, and chart this information on an iPhone or Android app, or sync with a website dashboard to track your running goals. Here are some of the most popular fitness trackers for runners.

Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews.

Fitness Trackers for Runners Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for running fitness trackers. If you want to read our in-depth review of each tracker, scroll down to the next section.

TomTom Runner 3
4 Star RatingGPS, Activity Tracking, Waterproof, Bluetooth Music, Running Programs
Runtastic Orbit
5 Star RatingOLED Display, Sleep & Activity Tracking, Waterproof, Wristband or Clip
Garmin Vivofit 3
3.5 Star Rating1 Year Battery, Waterproof, Move Reminders, Garmin Connect app, Daily Goals
Garmin Forerunner 935
4.5 Star RatingGPS, Heart-rate, Triathlon Training, Smart Notifications, Customizable
New Balance GPS Runner
3.5 Star RatingGPS, In Watch Run Logging, Alarms, Backlight

Want to compare all of the fitness trackers we’ve reviewed? Check out our Fitness Tracker Comparison Chart.

Fitness Trackers for Runners Review

TomTom Runner 3 GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner 3 GPS Watch is a specialized fitness tracker for runners that offers several benefits. It’s meant both for the treadmill and outdoor running and has different modes for both. It also syncs with popular online running community websites like MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and TrainingPeaks. The TomTom Runner GPS Watch will measures distance run, pace, and runtime information. It also offers easy-to-navigate menus so you can adjust settings without having to pause your run.

This newest version has tons of features for other workouts as well, so you’re not limited to just running. The multi-sport mode can track cycling, gym workouts, and even swimming (this running watch is waterproof as well). If you need some variety to your runs, use Run Free to track your path so you can find your way home or upload new routes and explore them without worrying about getting lost.

Available colors: black

Tracks: 24/7 activity tracking, time, distance, speed, pace, calories burned, multisport (running, cycling, swimming, treadmills, gym workouts, etc.)

Notable features: waterproof up to 40 meters, Bluetooth music player & headphones, interval training, recovery indicator, heart rate monitor compatible, GPS, customizable straps

Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity (Fitness & Sleep Tracker)

We’re not going to lie. Runtastic is kind of a ridiculous name for anything, but don’t let that put you off. The Runtastic Orbit 24 fitness and sleep tracker monitors your daily activities (not just running), with special attention paid to your sleep duration and cycles.

The Runtastic Orbit 24 also has an app for iPhone and most Android models to keep track of the number of steps you take, and your calories burned, your active minutes during a workout and, of course, your distance traveled. All of this data syncs with your smartphone which can help you track your running goals and help motivate you.

This tracker is wonderfully flexible to wear too, come with two wristbands (blue and black) and a clip, so you can wear it whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Tracks: Steps, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Sleep, Goals, Ambient Lighting

Notable features: OLED Display, Time, Alarm, Waterproof 300 feet, Runtastic Me app, clip and wristbands, mood tracking, 5-7 day battery

Garmin Vivofit 3 Fitness Band

If you love to run and also enjoy some variety in your workouts, the Vivofit 3 is a great option for tracking all of your activity. The built in Move IQ automatically tracks your activity, so you don’t have to worry about starting any workout before you being your run. This model is great for office workers because it has built in move reminders and will track your steps all day. That really helps for you to keep active all day long, not just during your runs.

Since this is a 24 hour activity tracker, you can also wear it to track your sleep and its water resistant so you never have to take it off, not even to shower. If style is important to you, there are tons of accessory bands available so you can always match your Vivofit to your outfit. The only big features it’s missing that runner may want are GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Available colors: black, white (additional colored accessory bands available)

Good for: People who do a variety of activities, if you hate charging your band

Tracks: steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes, sleep, inactivity

Notable features: 1 year battery life, silicone band, waterproof 5 ATM, auto activity detection, move bar and move reminders, displays time of day & steps, personalized daily goals, Garmin Connect app

Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch

If you like the Garmin products but want to make sure you can get GPS tracking and wristbased heartrate for your outdoor runs, you can get all that and more with their premium Garmin Forerunner 935. Designed for triatholon training, this is the ultimate GPS watch for runners, with tracking for tons of exercises like cycling and swimming. It even has a treadmill mode so you can get your run data indoors. For runners, it monitors your running form as well as distance, speed, and other running data.

In addition to all of the cool workout features, it also can sync with your smartphone and Garmin Connect IQ to receive alerts from your favorite apps like Uber and Accuweather, making it function like a smartwatch as well. You can also customize the watch faces and swap out the bands to make the Forerunner match your style. With all these features, the Forerunner 935 is pricey, but if you can afford it you will be pleased with how well it supports your running and training.

Available colors: black

Tracks: steps, sleep, floors climbed, distance, running dynamics, heart rate, VO2 max, training, recovery, biomechanical measurements

Notable features: Time/date display, GPS, alarm clock, customizable watch faces, compass, wrist-based heart rate, battery is 2 weeks (watch mode) or 24 hours (GPS mode), swappable bands, smart notifications, VIRB remote

New Balance GPS Runner

If you want GPS tracking for your runs with a lower price, then New Balance offers a great fitness tracker for runners. This GPS watch is best for runners who don’t want a fancy smartwatch or something they have to sync to their smartphone. It does all the tracking you could want right in the watch, including GPS, lap splits, and total run time. It monitors your speed and distance and keeps 100 runs logged right in the watch.

The watch also features basics like a backlight and five programmable alarms. This is a simple runner’s watch that is a great budget option.

Available colors: Black

Tracks: speed, distance, pace

Notable features: GPS, 5 daily alarms, backlight, logs 100 runs

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