Fitbit Flex Activity Monitor Video Review

Fitbix Flex activity monitor

Check out this video review of the Fitbit Flex activity monitor:

Check the current Amazon price of the Fitbit Flex Activity Monitor

The Fitbit Flex is one of the absolute best selling fitness trackers available today. It is a wrist-worn device, unlike traditional pedometers that clip on to a belt or other article of clothing. Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing the Fitbit Flex over other fitness activity trackers:

– It is small and lightweight, weighing less than 4 ounces

– It comes in a simple and sporty softened rubber enclosure (and you can even buy alternate wristband enclosures of other colors very cheaply online, to color coordinate with your outfits!

– It syncs wirelessly with your iPhone or Android device using the Fitbit app that can calculate the calories you’ve burned based on the number of steps you’ve taken during each day (it also tells you how many miles you’ve walked too.)

– Long lasting 5 day battery

– It can monitor your sleep quality based on how restless you were during the night in its sleep mode

Check the current Amazon price of the Fitbit Flex Activity Monitor

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