MisFit Flash Tracker Video Review

Check out this video review of the MisFit Flash fitness activity tracker:

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The MisFit Flash is one of the most unique fitness activity trackers out there today. It doesn’t have a screen, but instead it has a display that consists of lights. The MisFit Flash activity tracker also comes in a variety of color combinations, and the strap is removable.

One thing that makes the MisFit Flash stand out from many other fitness trackers is that it has different modes different types of exercises: running, walking, tennis, yoga, cycling and even swimming. You read that right, the MisFit Flash is waterproof up to 30 meters! (See a list of other waterproof fitness activity trackers.)

MisFit Flash Smartpone App

The Flash syncs with your smartphone (either iPhone or Android) wirelessly via Bluetooth. The MisFit app is designed to motivate you to keep you active during the day.

One other nice feature that the MisFit Flash has is that it also can be used as a sleep monitor. The tracker (which can be worn either as a watch band or as a clip on with the included belt clip) tracks how restless your sleep is and when you’re awake and asleep during the night. You can then analyze that data in the app.

The app also can share data with friends or family that you can “compete” against to see who can get more steps in during each day.

Check MisFit Flash price on Amazon

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