Fitness Trackers Compatible with Kiqplan

Fitness Trackers Compatible with Kiqplan

Having problems getting motivated to lose weight or get fit? Kiqplan is a digital coach that can help you get healthy and lose weight in only 12 weeks. It’s delivered to you via a smartphone app that can also sync with many of the most popular fitness trackers and smart watches to help you track your movement toward your weight loss goal. Even if you have a very basic activity tracker, Kiqplan can take your journey to the next level. Kiqplan is like having a personal coach and nutritionist in one app, with food plans, workouts, and goals for you.

They feature several different plans, focused on specific goals from losing weight after having a baby to training for a marathon. And the price is the mere fraction of what a personal trainer would cost.

Each plan includes expert tips, weekly videos, recipes, inspiration, targets, progress tracking, and rewards.

The current programs available include:

  • Slim + Trim – weight loss and toning for women
  • Beer Belly Blaster
  • Fit & Healthy
  • Your First 5K – couch to 5K in 12 weeks
  • 10K run and ready
  • Bikini Hot
  • Suns Out, Guns Out

Kiqplan Compatible Fitness Trackers

These fitness trackers all work seamlessly with Kiqplan. Click on the brand name to learn more about each activity tracker.

Kiqplan is also compatible with some smartphones.

While you can use Kiqplan without a fitness tracker, pairing one with your 12-week program will help you personalize your experience. It automatically takes the data from your fitness tracker and adjust the program based on your calories consumed and burned, and steps taken. It really adds the “personal” part to your training program in a way that most of the fitness trackers can’t do on their own.