Best Affordable Fitbug Activity Trackers

Fitbug has been acquired and rebranded, so our previous recommendations are no longer available. Check out our fitness tracker comparison chart to see other recommended activity bands.

While Fitbit and Apple Watches are often the most talked about “it-gadgets” for fitness tracking because of flashy advertising and general buzz. But if you’re looking for a low-budget or affordable fitness, sleep, or activity tracker, Fitbug (sometimes called Fit Bug) offers a cheap alternative to the big brand names. Not only are their trackers cheaper, but they feature the same core features most people are looking forward, without the fancy bells and whistles.

They also only offer two models, so there’s less time spent asking yourself if email alerts are worth an extra $50-$100 to upgrade to the next level. Plus the simplicity of the device makes it a great gift for older parents and other less tech savvy people.

Check out the current Fitbug Activity Trackers:

The Fitbug Orb

fitbug-orb-activity-tracker The Orb is true to it’s name: it’s a round fitness tracker that is interchangable with multiple accessories to allow for many different ways to wear it: on a lanyard, a wristband to wear it likea watch, or a clip to attach it to your waist or bra strap (both are included with purchase). The orb is lightweight, so it’s easy to put it on and go about your day.

The Fitbug Orb features a 3-zxis accelerometer to track your steps and your movement. At night, the Orb uses the same technology to track your sleep. This info can sync wirelessly with your smartphone or computer either as requested (by pushing a button), or constantly so you can get up-to-the-minute stats. The Fitbug Digital Coach then sets goals to help you meet step targets, eat healthy, and improve sleep habits.

The Orb is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones via Bluetooth or can sync with a desktop or laptop computer (perfect for people who don’t like or use smartphones but still want a fitness tracker).

Available colors: white, pink/red, black.

Tracks: sleep, steps, calories.

Notable features: Syncs with smartphone or computer, can be worn multiple ways, compatible with Kiqplan fitness app, non-rechargeable battery lasts a year.

Fitbug Air

fitbug-air-pedometer-trackerAnother cheap fitness tracker option is the Fitbug Air. It’s a smart pedometer–more features than a regular pedometer or step-counter, but not quite an advanced activity tracker. It looks like a regular pedometer–with an easy to read display of your daily step count–but it has Bluetooth connectivity so you get the same step tracking and app access as the Orb. It comes with a clip so you can wear it on your belt.

This is a simpler device, but perfect for people who walk and run a lot, especially older folks and seniors who walk and like to track their steps, but don’t need all of the extra features found on the Fitbug Orb or Fitbits.

Tracks: steps, (syncing to app and allows for tracking of other fitness activities and food)

Notable features: on device step count display, time display, belt clip, easy to use, compatible with Kiqplan