Best Jawbone Fitness and Activity Tracker for 2017


Jawbone has stopped selling and supporting their line of fitness trackers. Though you can still buy them from third party sellers, since the future of the company is unknown and they are not honoring warranties, we do not recommend buying Jawbone UP trackers at this time.

With four different activity trackers to choose from, most customers are wondering which is the best Jawbone UP fitness tracker. We took a look at all of the options and determined which is the best UP Activity and Sleep tracker. Check out our Jawbone Fitness Tracker Comparison page to see how the different models compare to each other.

Jawbone UP3 Activity, Heart, and Sleep Tracker (Check reviews and prices)
jawbone-up3-activity-sleep-tracker The Jawbone UP3 is the best of the current Jawbone fitness tracker offerings. It includes the Jawbone Up App with food tracking and Smart Coach to give you lifestyle and exercise tips for healthier living. It also tracks your exercise and steps during the day and your sleep at night. It also features Idle Alert, which is a customizable move reminder. When your fitness tracker senses you’ve been idle for too long, it will vibrate to remind you to get up and move.

The UP3 includes two features not available with the cheaper UP Move and UP2.

The first is advanced and automatic sleep tracking. Using bioimpedance sensors, the UP3 uses your heart rate to track your sleep phrases, including Wake, REM, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep. Working in conjunction with this is Smart Alarm, which monitors your sleep cycle and then silently vibrates during the best moment to wake you up feeling refreshed.

The second feature is Heart Health monitoring. The same bioimpedance sensors track your resting heart rate and your passive heart rate to give a complete picture of your heart health.

The UP3 has way more color and style options than the UP4 and the only new ability the UP4 can tout is the ability to make Amex Payments, which is too obscure to be valuable for most customers. The best value for the money and the best features available is the UP3 fitness tracker. (If you’re really interested in the ability of mobile payments, the Apple Watch Sport features Apple Pay which accepts most major credit cards.)

Available colors: black twist, black/gold twist, indigo twist, ruby cross, sand twist, silver cross, teal cross, twilight cross

Tracks: activity, calories burned, sleep, heart rate

Notable features: Smart Coach, sleep tracking, Smart Alarm, Idle Alert (move alerts), automatic sleep detection and advanced sleep tracking, splash proof, LED indicator (notification and status), battery lasts up to 7 days, wireless syncing

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